Gun Control

The 2nd Amendment; Do we have it?

The right to bare arms is our 2nd Amendment right!

Modern debates about the meaning of the Second Amendment have focused on whether it protects a right of individuals to keep and bear arms or, instead, a right of the states to maintain militia organizations like the National Guard.

Every Friday in at Silver City Sporting Arms

This is a great place to meet up because there is plenty of room. Also, everyone knows the location and it's a perfect place to set up our booths about gun rights. Furthermore, it is an easy place to get to.

Our top instructors are Me, Myself, and I

Guaranteed to be efficient, and a great way to learn about the 2nd Amendment.


  • Question: Do I need a gun permit?
Answer: A lot of our members don't have a permit, but it's highly recommended to get your permit because we like to handle guns during meetings.

  • Question: Can I bring my kids?
Answer: We don't really recommend children under the age of 18 being around because of the guns being around, but if you have no other choice we have a separate room where the children can stay in a play video games and with each other.

  • Question: Do I need to buy my own gun?
Answer: You may buy a gun if you want to, but a lot of the current members bring their own in.

We are Gun Buddies!

While we learn more about our 2nd Amendment right, we can help strengthen the minds of people who know nothing about guns. Also, we can hopefully change the minds of others who think that our guns should be taken away!