A Modest Proposal

Johnathan Swift

The Modest Precis

Johnathan Swift, an Irish author who wrote the pamphlet, A Modest Proposal, and satirized the real issues of poverty filled Ireland, suggests that there should be desperate measures taken place if the Irish government wants to cure the problem of overpopulation. The proposal by Johnathan Swift basically offers the solution of selling the many children that are causing more poverty in Ireland and turning them into a new cuisine for the rich and poor, but also using their skin for the clothing of thousands living in the country. Swift’s purpose for the proposal is to propose a logical solution and persuade the many people and government of Ireland, in order to get everyone to agree to the resolution of overpopulation and poverty. Johnathan Swift’s brings a cruel but straightforward tone to the people of Ireland; whether it is the rich or the poor, who wants to resolve this serious matter.

Puppy Love Budweiser

Puppy Love Precis

In the Super Bowl commercial Puppy Love (1/29/14) by Budweiser, suggests that drinking and purchasing the Budweiser beverage can bring two individuals together; whether it is a relationship or friendship. Throughout the commercial, Budweiser shows the puppy and horse’s friendship as well as the owners’ friendship to display the effect of the Budweiser product. Budweiser’s purpose for creating the commercial was to provide a friendly atmosphere when the product is present in order to get fans to buy the beverage and spread the love. The famous brand’s target audience are all fans who love having a good time and consumers of the product while spending time with friends, which is related to the calm and friendly tone of the commercial.