The Great Plains Region

Vacation in Texas

Welcome to Texas!

If you've never been to Texas before, this is the place for you! I can tell you a lot about the moderately large region of Texas I have recently visited, the great plains region. This region fills up the pan handle, a rectangular shaped region in north Texas, and stretches to the Rio Grande river that borders Texas from the country Mexico.

A large Grassland at That!

Physical features in The Great Plains

The great plains, as you would think, is maid of vast grasslands. There are trees dotted around the region, so its not completely flat. There are areas in this region that range from completely flat to rolling hills, but proved to its name is mainly plain.

Natural resources and Economy

In the Great plains, there is a lot of plains and flat grasslands. Those can be used as land to own, and for cattle to be raised on. Crops can be sold to make money, for farm owners. Oil can be found under ground in this area of Texas, and can be drilled for also. Crops that are grown is cotton and wheat, but can also grow fruits and veggies.


It is very dry, with few trees dotted around the plains. They can get usually 30-20 inches of rain every year.