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Parent Update Week of 3/27

Hi Parents, Guardians, and eLAs. We are half way done with the course! This week, Week 10, we will complete Unit 5. It is an easy unit with no final project to worry about. This week is a great week for your students to get caught up and even work ahead....


Many school districts will be having their Spring Breaks soon. It is important to note that NCVPS has no official Spring Break. This means during your student's Spring Break they will still have Spanish II assignments to complete. If you are planning a big trip it is a good idea to have your student work ahead so that they may enjoy their break without worrying about assignments.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sra. Kistler

Week 10 Assignments

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This Week's RLC Schedule

lunes: U5 RLC @ 1pm and U5 RLC @ 8pm


miércoles: U5 RLC @ 5pm




domingo: U5 RLC @ 6pm