unintentional injuries how to stay safe

Bicycle injuries

Bicycle injuries happen a lot, some can get so bad that you can die from them. Bicycle accidents can cause heavy blood shed which can make you end up in the hospital. There were 618 fatal bicycle accidents in the US in 2010 and more than 51000 bicyclists were injured in these accidents. ( )

How to stay safe when riding a bicycle

pick the right bike

Make sure you pick the right bike. If you are going biking on a hill , make sure your bike can go up steep hills without slipping.

Also make sure your bike is the right size. You should be able to fully extend your legs and reach your peddles at their lowest point when sitting on the seat.

When standing up you shouldn't be sitting on the bike you should have an inch or two of room if there is ever a need for you to jump off of the bike unexpectedly.

Make sure you can move your handle bars and seat up and down to your height.

wear a bike helmet

Many bike accidents involve injuries to the head.To prevent permanent brain damage you can wear a helmet. Helmets snap on your head to provide a hard shell to protect your head from injuries.Make sure you are wearing your helmet correctly and make sure it fits so it can do its job.

wear the right clothing and shoes

when riding a bike take in consideration that it is going to get hot or cold depending on what it is like outside.

if you are riding your bike at night make sure you are wearing the right colors. When riding in the dark you should wear bright colors so anybody that is driving can see you.

Wear light weight clothes in the summer because you don't want to get over heated and have a stroke or a heart attack.

Don't wear too tight or too loose pant legs because if they are too tight you cant ride the bike easily the bike and if they are too loose they could get caught in the bike chain and cause you to wreck.

wear shoes that can grip to the pedals or closed toe shoes because if you fall off of your bike if you don't have closed toe shoes you could scratch up your feet. You need shoes that can grip to the petals because when riding a bike it hurts to have your feet slip off of the petals.

road safety

When riding a bike on the road you should always stay on the right side of the road and petal with traffic. This is because when you come around a corner and you are facing traffic they cant see or hear you so you will get hit.

Try to stay in a bike lane if provided or a sidewalk if provided

don't ride close to parked cars because the doors may open without you knowing

stop at all sighs and all red lights just as cars do because if you run the red light then the other cars may not see they you went and they will start going and may hit you

if there is more than one person riding with you ride in a single file line not in a group so there is less of a chance of you or anybody else getting hit

if you are riding at night use a battery operated headlight or reflectors and never wear black or dark clothes because people cant see you with the light or reflectors they can see you easier than without them.

don't wear headphones wile riding you need to hear what is around you

don't change lanes or turn without looking so you can know if there are cars where you want you go.

first aid encase/of an emergency

If you see someone in a bicycle accident do you know what to do?

Before calling 911 go over and see if they can get up or if you can see how bad it is call 911 right away.If you saw what happened and they had a heart attack or a stroke from what it looks like then you don't go over you call 911 right away. If they fall and they get back up there is no reason to call 911,but if they cant get up or they don't get up then you call right away.

When riding a bike drink water.You always want to stay hydrated because if you don't you will get dehydrated, that can lead to you passing out or getting dizzy and in an accident.

if you see them hit their head ask them questions as in Do you know your name? and Do you know what you are doing? if they cant answer clearly call 911,they might have a head injury.

feel the area that hurts for anything out of place if so call 911

have band-aids ibeprophen duck tape ect. for slight injuries