Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat Shooting Guard

Vital Statistics/Events

  • Birth Date- January 17, 1982
  • Married- 2002
  • Children- Zaire (born February 4, 2004) and Zion (born May 29, 2007)
  • Divorced- 2007
  • In 2003 he founded the Wade's World Foundation which provides support for at-risk children
  • He led his college team, Marquette, to the Final Four in 2003
  • He was selected 5th overall by the Miami Heat in the 2003 NBA Draft
  • Picked to play on the 2004 and 2008 US Olympic basketball team
  • He won a gold medal with the US basketball team at the 2008 Olympics
  • Won the NBA Championship in the 2005-2006 season and in the 2011-2012 season
  • His college jersey was retired in 2007

Descriptive Words

  • Religious - He wears the number 3 because it represents the Holy Trinity.
  • Athletic - Is a professional basketball player and also does many athletic activities such as football.
  • Caring - He has his own foundation to help out kids that are at-risk.
  • Wealthy - His contract is worth over 15 million dollars and he owns a 10.5 million dollar mansion.
  • Sharing - he tithes 10% of his salary to a church in Chicago.

Why He is Special

Dwyane Wade is a special person because he is one of the best players in the NBA. He has also won two championships with the Miami Heat. What makes him interesting to me is how he grew up and where he is now. Dwyane grew up in South Side Chicago. His parents were divorced and his mom was a drug addict and an alcoholic. He soon had to move in with his Dad because his mom was arrested. When he moved to his Dad's house he started playing basketball constantly. When he played in an organized league he showed off his skills and hard work.

As he fought his way through middle and high school he still was playing basketball. Dwyane was very vulnerable to things like drugs being that he was growing up in a poor community. When Dwyane left high school to go to college at Marquette, he had very bad grades.

When Wade was drafted by the Heat he didn't have a productive season until 2005-2006. His team won the NBA Championship and he was named MVP. Still playing in the same league for the same team today, Wade won another NBA Championship in 2012. His team has proven to be one of the best in the league.

I think Wade's story is very interesting and also makes him special because it shows how people can achieve anything if they try. He started out in a poor community while his parents were divorced and his Mom was in jail. As he went through high school he had very bad grades and had to sit out his Freshman year of college due to his grades. As he picked up his game in school he could finally bring his talent to the court. He led his team to the Final Four and then was drafted to the NBA. He won two championships with the Miami Heat. This shows that even with the problems he faced as a kid he really wanted to play in the NBA and he finally got there. Now due to his hard work and determination he is one of the best players.

What Events Shaped His Life

Dwyane Wade overcame many obstacles that ended up making him a much better person. Growing up he had to live in a poor community where drugs were present. His parents were also divorced and his mom was a drug addict. Even though he was very vulnerable to drugs, he learned that they were terrible for your body after seeing how drugs changed his mom's life.

During high school Dwyane was not making good grades and knew he needed to raise his grades an order to get accepted to a college. During his junior year he couldn't pick up his grades but he still managed to get offered a scholarship from Marquette. He also had to sit out his freshman year of college basketball due to his grades. Eventually he knew he had to get his grades up and keep them that way. During his freshman year he studied hard and brought his grades up to a B average and he also could play basketball. He overcame the obstacle of sitting out of the game because of his grades. After that experience he learned to always study and keep his grades high.

What Kind Of Effect He Has On Others

Dwyane Wade has influenced many during his lifetime. Even as a kid he showed people that no matter what you can do anything if you try. While in middle school he always had a good attitude even when he had problems at home. This rubbed off on his friends and gave them very positive attitudes.

Since Dwyane Wade has become famous he has released clothing lines and shoes. He has also been on many sports commercials, such as Gatorade and T-Mobile even released a phone named after him called the D-Wade. He has also released a brand of shoes called "The Wade". This allows other people to buy his products. After seeing Dwyane Wade on the Gatorade commercials and shoe commercials, sales increased for the two companies. People everywhere are influenced by him.

Dwyane has also influenced young kids everywhere. After founding the Wade Foundation he has held meetings and camps for kids all around the country and taught them how to play basketball along with important life lessons. From influencing friends with his good personality, to being on Gatorade commercials, to helping kids learn life lessons, Dwyane has done it all.

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