The Ririe Report

October 7, 2019

Mythology Unit

I am so proud of all the creative and wonderful projects that were completed by the students for our mythology unit. We had a fun time watching some of the readers theaters that were written and performed by some of the groups. The students in the second block even created a rubric which I will use to grade the projects.

Becoming Better Learners

After a slow start, the kids really got into working on their projects. Last week I asked the students to think about how they learn best, and we ended up having a really good discussion on the topic. I'm the type who just likes to listen and take notes, but I also love the opportunity to brainstorm with another person. I noticed that towards the end of our projects students became more focused and purposeful; I also loved that once they got into the classroom, they couldn't wait to start working on their piece.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent conferences are always one of my favorite events of the school year - no, really, I'm not kidding. Although I don't enjoy the long days, I love getting to visit with you. Over the years, I've met many wonderful parents, and I'm sure this year will be no exception.

I will do my best to accommodate your schedules and will start conferences on Monday ( Oct. 28th). I've just set up a schedule on Sign-up Genius and will be e-mailing my homeroom parents next week with that information so you can start signing up.

Mrs. Roach and I plan to meet with our respective homeroom parents unless there is a pressing reason for a conference with both teachers.

Also, please let me know if you would prefer a phone conference.

Coming Up...

  • We will continue our novel study of Esperanza Rising
  • Learn about the original thirteen colonies.
  • Continue working on parts of speech with an emphasis on adjectives.