Tech Tip

April 12, 2021

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Tech Tip Presenter: Brooke Pelfrey

Brooke Pelfrey, Southside's Blended Learning Teacher Leader, discovered TeacherMade earlier this year and shared it with her teachermates. It is similar to Kami, but it has additional features such as grading student responses for you!! Pretty much everyone at Southside raves about this new tool, and most prefer it over Kami. You might too!

Just remember to ask yourself why you are using a specific technology tool over another. In this case, why might TeacherMade work better over Kami? Or vise versa? What makes one tool better than the other is simply the intent of its use and how it will enhance or transform a specific lesson. Be sure to keep both of these tools in your toolbox so you can pull out whichever one best fits the needs of a specific lesson.

Check out Brooke's how-to video below!