My Smore Flyer

Joshue Izquierdo

All about Joshue Izquierdo Vega

My name is Joshue Izquierdo Vega the name Joshue, is a combination of the name that my father wanted to put me(Jose) and the name my mother wanted to put me(Joshua). I am 14 years old and my birthday is august 27. This summer I did many things like going to water parks, soccer, six flags, the beach New York Etc. I am from northeast Philly. My hobbies are sports I love playing sports I come from a sporty family, but my favorite sport is soccer. In my free time I am playing sports or working out. I don't read I hate it but if I would have to read a book it would have to be flowers for Algernon the only book I have ever like. I have been a Palcs student for three days now. I like Palcs because I get to stay home. From a scale from one through ten my tech skill is at a 0 that's how bad I am.