The Best Way Out is Always Through

Road To Perserverance: May 2015

Road To Perserverance

Perserverance is the way that a person powers through an adversity and in the end is a better person. Perserverance is the way that a person uses resilience to beat an adversity. The way that perserververing through an adversity can change someone for the better. As they all say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! What somebody dealing with an adversity can learn from somebody who has perservered is that no matter how hard times can be, you can make it through. There are so many people in the world that can show an induvidual that things will get better, such as Jackie Robinson, Winston Churchill, or The Carol Academy Lady Jags.

Jackie Robinson Vs. Babe Ruth

Throughout baseball there were many ball players that stood out; Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron, Bruce Harper. But the most well known players were Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth. Both were players in the MLB, both were in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but one went above and beyond the other. And that was Jackie Robinson.

Some people forget so quickly about Jackie Robinson, despite the accomplishments he has done. It’s easy to remember Babe Ruth, he was the star player for the Boston Braves and had a candy named after him. But too many people are remembering him instead of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the man who changed the MLB forever. Taking hurtful words and abuse from fans and players, he broke the Major League Baseball color line. When Branch Rickey, executive of the MLB, decided to bring an African American into the MLB, it was clear that Jackie Robinson was the best candidate to do so. When he was 28, he had served in WW II, played at UCLA,played for the Honolulu Bears and was tough and mature enough to withstand the cruel remarks of the fans and players.

Not only did Jackie Robinson have the guts to not retaliate against the racist fans and players, but he also had the guts to speak out against racial discrimination. Other athletes, such as Michael Jordan, are paid million of dollars a year by companies such as Nike, Under Armour, etc. The products that are sold to them are made by people in factories who are treated poorly. These athletes stand down doing nothing to stop this from happening. Since Jackie Robinson has the confidence to speak out against racial injustice, he would have done something to make it more fair to the people who are being treated terribly in factories. That’s just another reason why Jackie Robinson goes above and beyond other athletes.

As you can see, Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson are incomparable to each other because of the accomplishments that Jackie Robinson has done.

Ashes to Roses Cause/ Effect Diagram

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Lady Jags Are Losing to Win to Solve Problems

Carroll County in Tennessee is a very poor town. The below poverty level is 19.6 percent and the unemployment rate is 12.6 percent. In Carroll County there is a correctional facility school that is for children that we kicked out of their normal schools or were court ordered to attend, this is Carroll Academy. At Carroll County there is a girl’s basketball team. Most of the girls on the team haven’t even ever played basketball before. Some of the scores of the games end in scores of 90-10, 50-3, or 30-2. But the scores of the games or how good they do in games isn’t the girl’s worst problem. All the girls have to deal with a variety of different adversities. Some problems that the girls have to deal with is mental illness, anger management, parents that are unsupportive, or parents that abuse drugs or alcohol. At Carroll Academy, the basketball team isn’t a way for the girl’s to win or to learn how to play the game well, it’s a way for the girl’s to heal. It’s a way to keep their problems under control. For many of them, it’s a time when they don’t have to worry about what’s happening at home. The basketball team is a way to prepare the girls for what’s going to come later in life. It prepares them for failure later in life.

Kid President Beating Brittle Bone - Description

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. He post weekly inspirational videos about making a change in the world and treating everybody nicer. He is an inspiration and a happy kid.He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). OI is a rare brittle bone disease that causes bones to break easily. When an individual has OI some conditions that go along with it is hearing loss, curved bones, scoliosis, brittle teeth, short stature and body aches. Roby has had over 70 bone breaks and over 10 surgeries.He and his sister, Lexi, (10) both have OI and were both adopted. Despite these adversities, he remains positive when he and his sister were riding their bikes side by side there was a collision causing Lexi to break a leg. On a bike crash, most children without OI would have just had a scrape or two. Both children are planning to get back on their bikes once they have healed. Even though Robby has a bone disease, that doesn’t stop him from dreaming. One day, Robby hopes to join the US Marines so he can “save the world”. This shows that no matter how hurt you are, you can always reach for you dreams. As Kid President says, “Give the world a reason to dance.” What Robby means by that is do something to make somebody day. Do something awesome.

Winston Churchill Sequence Diagram

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End of The Road

As you can see there are many people in the world that can inspire you to persevere through your own personal adversities. Just remember, the best way out is always through. What we can learn from these people is that no matter how hard things get at times, you can get through the adversity.

By: Lauren Reitzel