O-10's The Place To Be

4th Grade - 2014-2015

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O-10's The Place to Be by Ms. Gopez

A day in O-10 is a day worth spending

Because we have fun while learning and laughing

Crazy as it seems we know how to work and play

David can joke around but he’ll raise his hand to say—- that

Even if your story or your poem makes sense

Figurative language can be added to make it dense

Guess about the meaning and you’ll never be wrong

Here in O10

It’s a

Joy to see readers become strong!

Kendal, Ciani, Elia like to gossip at lunch

Laila, Paige, and Kaylah love to have lunch bunch

Maybe next year when Drake and everyone’s in fifth grade

No one will be separated and the friendships won’t fade

Oh how Krystof wishes that this year could slow down

Picture all the good times, turn your frown upside down

Quiet as a mouse” Ms. Gopez tells Algioun to enter the room

Ronald tip toes silently but drops his books which go BOOM

So Laksh, Delaney, Redjina, and Kelsey start to laugh

Then Dao runs to hug Ronald and pats him softly on the back

United we stand, we’re a close knit family

Very much a happy place to read, write, play, and be

Well, Karfala and Priscila, they would most likely agree

Xavier and Emily say in O10 you feel free, to be

Yourself and embrace your weirdness all around

Zjahmir, Delano, Dylan say it’s the best class that can be found!

O-10's favorite song and dance


Whatch Me -Silento by Aboywansa_16

What are some awesome strategies or techniques that we used as we learned in ELA and Social Studies this year?

One way that I remember is by using Kahoots and Plickers. These are awesome tools involving technology that I learned from Mrs. K and Mrs. Nichols. Our class quickly learned how to use them. Kahoots are awesome because they replace paper and pencil quizzes with any tech. device that you have on you--your phone, tablet, or chromebook. While the questions and answer choices pop up in front of the class on the Smart Board, everyone in the class answers the questions by clicking on the correct answer choice on their device. It's a super quick way to check for understanding and it's a win-win for both teachers and students--fun for students to do, easy for teachers to assess learning.

What are your favorite memories in O10 and why:

Memory 1 -- Personalities

My class this year was WILD, but I mean that in the best way possible. I loved every minute I spent with my class. EACH personality was VERY unique and it made our class a FAMILY, which made it feel very warm and friendly in our little classroom home. We are a special little bunch and I will cherish this group forever.

I will always remember my first words this year. It was something along the lines of...

"You will learn quickly that I am a weird teacher, and one of my main goals is to show you how it's ok to be your weird self. Embrace your weirdness."

After a few months, more and more of our class came out of their little shells. We each began to realize each other's personalities--humor, pet peeves, interests, strengths... and it was so easy for everyone to just accept everyone for who they are.

Just like any family, it's not perfect and there can be moments where we need to resolve conflicts and start over again. We always worked it out and we always start each day as a clean slate.

Memory 2 -- Growth