The Flyer

May 2016. Issue Six

Final Thoughts...

From: Mrs. Hurley

Wishing all my students past and present a wonderful summer! A piece of advice: Look up from your technology and notice: the moon, the stars, the plants and animals around you! You will miss so much if you are looking down or not getting outside to observe the world! Take it all in and enjoy! Momma Hurley

From: Nicholas Molenkamp

The best thing about the junior high is Mr. Tanaka and what I am looking forward to going at the high school is meeting new teachers.

From: Anonymous

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Ely because she is so nice and she taught me a lot of things both academically and socially. Every rising seventh grader and eighth grader should do Power of the Pen!!!!!!!!!!

From: Kyrie Gibson

My favorite part of the year was making my new friends. I moved here in the middle of the year and everyone has been so nice with helping me. I cant wait until I know more people, and shout outs to the ones who helped me out!

From: Lindsey Marnocha

These past 2 years have been amazing. I have made so many new friends and learned so much. My favorite memory about SJH is... Well, I'm not sure if I can choose. The pep rallies were always a blast, Student Council this year has been amazing, band has been so much fun... I can't wait to continue band throughout the summer by joining the SHS Marching Band.

My best wishes go to several people. Mr. Stern, you are such a great inspiration to so many students. You are so charitable and your class is so much fun. I'm so glad I was in your language arts class this year. Mrs. Reedy, your class is always one of my favorite parts of the day. I always have so much fun and basketball with you this year was amazing. I made a bunch of friends and it was really cool to work with everyone. I also want to thank Isabelle Burden. Even when I wasn't the best to her, she was always there for me and I always knew I could confide in her without anyone else hearing about it. She has always been there and I can't wait to go up to high school with her. My favorite teachers have been Mr. Stern, Mrs. Reedy, Mr. Lamb, and Mrs. Darbyshire. Your classes were always so much fun and I met so many great friends there.

My advice to rising 8th graders is to not get caught up in drama with friends. Right now, I would focus on building good habits for high school and getting good grades early on. It will be easier to choose which path you want later on if you focus on school and get your work done. However, supportive friends that don't cause any drama are also very vital. I met some of my really close friends in some of the clubs I joined. By joining different clubs and activities, you can meet so many new people. And also, have fun with whatever you're doing. Make sure that you enjoy the path you're taking and the choices you're making, whatever those may be.

With much love,

Lindsey Marnocha

From: Marc Filippelli

M​y favorite memory of Sycamore Junior High would have to be when I realized I had finally found a good group of friends. Everyone knows that moving somewhere is hard, and I can say from firsthand experience, that's an understatement. So when I moved here I hopped from group to group looking for people that I would want to be friends with. I tried everyone and was getting very frustrated and ​despaired. Then I found the group of friends I have now... They aren't "jocks", or "nerds", they are simply people who like to laugh. And I find that the aura that's being given off by happy people is contagious. So when I sat down at lunch with them for the first time and I saw how happy they were, it made me glad I was going here.

What you’re looking forward to for the summer or at the high school.

​Coming from a district with 10+ high schools, this is very different. But I like it more because it is so much more individualized.​ Now the district can put all of it's attention to a single high school. And from what I've seen and read this is a great school. So great that I actually applied and got accepted into two private schools, but in the end, I turned them down for Sycamore High School. As far as summer goes... I'm excited to say the least. My best friend from where I used to live is coming to Ohio and staying with me for a week, then we are going to hockey camp together at Michigan University. For the last three years he and I have gone on a road trip and to hockey camp together, and since this is our first year in different states, we thought it might not be possible. But alas it is, and thanks to him the last three summers have been the best of my life, so I'm hoping for another fantastic one.

Advice to rising 8th graders. Based of what I've seen of the 7th graders, I'm a little worried. I feel that the 7th graders should show more respect to each other and to authority. I constantly see a a lack of respect for authority from the 7th graders and it's something that's imperative for successful through school and life. Not only that but from what I have observed and experienced personally, 7th graders don't show respect for their peers at all. So I just hope that next year they'll mature and live up to the standards set by the students and teachers.

From: Anonymous

​Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Allen.

Mrs. Allen​. One of the best. She pushes everyone to be the best they can be. While some may say she is too tough her because of her strictness and high expectations, she is one of the smartest teachers you can have, and what kids dislike about her class is just the reason she's so good. She keeps kids from loosing attention and breaking rules, and her high expectations only force otherwise lazy kids to be their best, or at least many times better than otherwise. The 120+ kids she teaches are the luckiest kids in the school. Heck, this passage is probably much better than it ever would be if not for her. If you have Mrs. Allen, be grateful that you get the best quality language arts training in the school.

From: Mr. Rodriguez

  • favorite memories about SJH: The high school coming down for the pep rallies!!

  • what you’re looking forward to for the summer: RELAXING!!

From: Caroline Skwara, Lydia Masset

Our favorite teacher is Mrs. ELY (MOM) because she is such an inspiration, she has taught me so many life lessons and she is a queen. We call her Mom because of how much we love her.

From: Anonymous

I moved to the Sycamore school district in June of 2015--almost a year ago. I was new here and had never went to a public school such as this one. I never had a locker, or bells, and worst of all, I had no friends. But then, I met one of the nicest girls ever. During the middle of the first quarter, a girl I was sitting with in science class asked me if I wanted to sit with her at lunch. There, I met four other smart and kind girls who helped me fit in to this amazing school.

I would never have made it without you, Maddie!

(I will leave out my real name, but I'm sure my friends will know who I am.)

From: Nathan Frankowski

"Coming into this school on the first day was terrifying. I couldn't keep up with the work, 3 lockers, and finding new friends to fill the spots of friends whom I did not have class with or moved away. Now its been 1 year and I would have not changed the way this year went at all. Thank You teachers for the knowledge, and this is me, signing out!"

From: Lindsey Stevens

Advice to 8th graders- Work hand and always have a smile on your face and try to get outside first and get the tables.

Teachers- Thank you so much Mrs. Swenson for everything you have taught me. you are one of the only science teachers that I understood what you were saying. I hope you have an amazing summer.Have fun with the new 8th graders.

From: Mr. Jones

  • Favorite memories about SJH: Field study at the Little Miami River
  • What you’re looking forward to for the summer or at the high school: RV trip with my family to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks
  • Best advice to rising 8th graders: Enjoy your summer and high hard during high school and your possibilities are endless.

From: Dahlia Wang & Caroline Skwara

Thanks to James for always holding the door open in the science wing! Always remember, knees weak, arms spaghetti!

From: Augustus Fredenburgh

One of my favorite memories is when studying for vocab and Language Arts we would play a game where Mr. James would say the definition and we would use a fly swatter to slap the vocab word.
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From: Anonymous

Goodbye staff members and friends for giving me the best year of my life. I would like to thank everyone who helped me this year. I hope the 8th graders do well in the high school.

From: Mrs. Stein

I want to take the time to thank the students of SJH for a GREAT year! It was a BIG transition year for choir kids and you were awesome!! We had a hugely successful year and had a lot of fun at the same time! Thanks for making year 19 for this old gal one of the best ever! Have an awesome summer. 8th graders- you WILL be missed! 7th graders- it's up to you now!

From: Matilde Mujanayi

Good luck to all my friends eight and seventh graders. Seventh graders lead the school next year like no one's ever done before, be a great example to the upcoming students next year and please at least try to be role models. Eight graders all I can say is good luck and have the best time of your life in high school, don't care about what people think of you! Try and have as much fun as you can until you can't anymore and I mean literally.

From: Anonymous


Shomo was my favorite teacher this year because he knew that we had our own life outside of school. He made me laugh everyday during 2nd bell!

Thanks for a great year!

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Mr. Shomo

From: Mrs. Rogers

One of my favorite memories from the year. I love how much our students came together! Sycamore Junior High supports Madison in the wake of school shooting by wearing red!

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From: Anonymous

My wish is for Mr Nickol. I hope you continue to teach, you are a really great teacher and I really look up to you. Please keep me anonymous. (:

Last but not least...

From: Dr. Rea

"Just a special thanks to the staff and students at SJH for making my first year here so incredible. I wish both staff and students a wonderful, relaxing summer. My best memory so far was when the staff and students nominated me 'student of the week!' Keep reaching for the stars Aves!"

Traci L. Rea, Ph.D.


Sycamore Junior High School

All of us at The Flyer wish each and every one of you a safe and fun summer!