Comcast vs Netflix issue and iCloud

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The Internet

A great pastime for many modern people in our age to either increase our knowledge or even entertain ourselves. We all are able to do this by connecting to different platforms to carry out what we want to do. The internet itself even makes it easier to view movies and shows we tend to miss and crave. One popular platform for this is Netflix of course. One of the best media streaming providers to ever exist. Aside from watching movies, someone can also store information on the internet. This is what we call the cloud, or in this case iCloud, a place where we can store plenty of information without wasting space on your own hard drive.

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Comcast vs Netflix

A consumer comes home from a long day at work and school and decides to relax, so he turns on Netflix but gets slow streaming speeds. This is technically a loss for Netflix because this impacts them across the country and Comcast notices this. Comcast then strikes a deal with Netflix and a deal goes underway. This deal goes through but ends up damaging Netflix even more and causes them to take action. They go on to complaining about the agreement and how they feel targeted by Comcast. Comcast on the other hand says that that Netflix does this all for a commercial advantage over Comcast. But the tides quickly turn when Netflix exposes Comcast for trying to take over Time Warner.

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It can be found convenient that we consumers can now store documents, information, and many other things on the internet. iCloud itself is one leading provider of internet storage but it has catch. On many IOS devices the consumer is practically forced to upload their data onto iCloud. That is just to start them off but with very limited space to do so. This tactic gets you into buying more space to store more. But then then it comes into question whether it is safe. Safety of information comes into question when the hacked accounts topic comes into play.

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