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Bring On the SPRING!

Hello Lovely Designers!

Greetings from the Big Apple! I am writing this from my lovely micro-apartment that I reside in with my cat, Donald Trump! Lady Spring looks like she's trying to push her way in with climbing temperatures and and an extra hour of daylight in the evening!!! The warm weather couldn't come sooner as we embark on the new journey with our new Spring 2014 Take Out Menus and product launching on March 17th!!!

There are many fabulous jewelry additions to the Origami Owl family and some sad goodbyes to some of our dear favorites! As with we enter into Spring and the middle of the month, start organizing your Jewelry Bar inventory. Take note of the items you wish to order for March 17th especially when you receive your TOM's this week! Having the items written down and ready to go will save you valuable time!!! Oh...and just in case you didn't see.... there is a STRAWBERRY in the new collection...without the chocolate of course! ;)


On March 8th, Directors and above from around the United States hosted a Spring Launch event to share the exciting new Origami Owl products and training to designers! This was an amazing opportunity to connect with one another, young and old and share stories of success and life changes by the incredible company!
Back in the day before cell phones... we had these little square devices we kept on our pants called PAGERS! Now, my parents never let me personally have a pager even though, "ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE PAGERS!!!! Why can't I have one too!!!???" Supposedly 1-4-3 stood for I LOVE YOU. Because I didn't have a pager, I was confused when OO rolled out the 1-4-3 plan! However, after some "old timers" (just kidding) shared with me the details of 1-4-3, it began to make sense and hence - sharing the "Love" of Origami Owl is as easy at 1-4-3!
By sticking to this easy to follow plan designers, we can keep on track and not fall behind! Also, who doesn't like earning money!!!??? Partner up with a friend, spouse or fellow designer on your favorite Facebook Team page! You can keep one another accountable and help each other when needed. Just like going to the gym, shopping or grabbing your favorite Starbucks.. it's always more fun when you have someone to share it with!

1 - Go out of your way to share OO with someone, ANYONE!!! Carry your business cards, Take Out Menus everywhere you go! You never know who will be the next person will be!?

4 - Hold 4 Jewelry Bars each month! Whether you want to do 4 in a week, 2 Every-other-week or 1 a week.. Hold 4 a month! The average Jewelry Bar yields $267 in Profit!!

$267 X 4 = $1068 month X 12 = $12,816 a year! HELLO SWEET CASH!!!!

3 - Sponsor 3 New Designers each month. Jewelry Bars are where it's at designers!!! Make it a goal and coach your hostesses to have 20 or more attendees at a Jewelry Bar. If 20 can't attend, ask her to get a list of people who would be interested in the product, opportunity or receiving additional information about Origami Owl!!! If you do 4 Jewelry Bars a month, and each hostess acquires 20+ names, you have 80 potential new designers! All you need is 4% to say yes to the opportunity ... 96% can say No!


If an average order is close to $100... the entire BUSINESS BASICS PACKAGE is $149!!! Have all the items listed in the B.B.P available and share with each person ordering. If they don't know what their options are, how can they make an informed decision??!!!

Designer Spotlight - Jennifer (Jenna) Painter - Senior Team Leader from Pottsville, PA

When did you Start?

September 2012

What's in Your Locket?

My Initial, My Husband's Initial, My Birthstone, His Birthstone, Love Plate, Sand Dollar Charm (we were married at the beach in Avalon, NJ), A Starfish Charm (Motif at the wedding), Infinity Charm (My favorite Charm) & A Clover (For my Irish Heritage).

How Has O2 has Impacted Your Life?

O2 has changed my life in so many ways. I have always been better at giving than receiving. Our lockets are truly a gift to others. To help someone create their story, celebrate a momentous occasion in their life, remember a loved one or even create a gift for someone special in their life is something I never take for granted with each and every locket I sell. You are being brought into the very heart of a friend's life. A family member's life. And even a perfect stranger's life. That is a Great Gift. I now realize that everyone has something going on in their life. Some good, some bad or maybe something to celebrate. It makes me more open to everyone. I have made some very wonderful friends from those perfect strangers by helping them tell their story. I LOVE that O2 has helped me grow into a better person.

What is Your Best Jewelry Bar Tip?

I believe you should have great product knowledge. Product Knowledge is Key! Know the TOM inside and out. Know the metal in the lockets and chains. Tell them our charms are hand painted. Know your prices and especially the charms. Going into a Jewelry Bar and knowing what you sell will make it go smooth and save you time. You will be able to help more customers and make suggestions that maybe they never thought of because the aren't aware of everything we have to offer. I have found that many times customers do not know where to start. The more you know the more they will buy. This is especially important if you do not carry a lot of stock. You need to sell them what they cannot see and that can be very difficult. But, if you possess the product knowledge and make many suggestions, they will trust you. You are building relationships with every sale. Listen to what they tell you, help them with good intentions and a good heart. They may be your next Hostess or your next Team member.

What's Your Best Recruiting Tip?

Don't be Selfish. Do not recruit for what you want or for what is in it for you. Look beyond what will help to further your business. Get to know your recruit. Listen to their needs and learn what they want to get out of their business if they join. This will help you to know how an O2 business fits into their life. Provide a realistic opportunity through sharing your experience and stories. Your good intentions for them will come shining through. I get so much satisfaction from seeing my team members grow and reach goals. I love seeing them succeed because I know that I have done something for them and their world is better because of O2. Lead with your Heart.

Share your story with Designers Near and Far...

Do you have a story about being a Force for Good? Has Origami Owl impacted your life in a big way? What goals have you set for yourself? Share your story and you could be featured in an upcoming issue of Hootiful News!!! Email me at:

I'll be waiting!


Melissa Faith

Have a Fling With Spring!!!

I Love OO so much... it makes me HAPPY!!!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

New Hostess Exclusive and Spring 3!!!

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!" ~ Robin Williams

It's that wonderful time of year when we begin to put away our boots, hats, scarves and layers upon layers of warm & fuzzy items! As I plan for the warmer weather, I get excited of all of the new bright pops of color that is coming our way with Origami Owl!!! Color is the name of the game this season designers and it's here at the perfect time!!!

And as if getting a new fabulous line of charms, earrings, lockets and gorgeous jewelry pieces to wow our customers wasn't enough, OO launches the greatest New Hostess Rewards and an incentive plan for us all... THE SPRING 3!!!

The new April-June Hostess Rewards with the all new Hostess Exclusive is divine!!! Think Pink designers with the limited edition Large LOVE Window Plate in pink crystals and the Pink Crystal Heart Key Dangle! This is the perfect treat for every hostess.. and its theirs for FREE all for hosting a $1000+ Jewelry Bar!!!! Get on the line, share the Spring Rewards and book those parties today!!!

The weather the last several months in NYC and around the country has been dreadful! Living in the tight confines of 400 square feet can drive a person mad when they are unable to get out during tumultuous weather! Every weekend a new storm shows up and Jewelry Bars are being canceled, leaving a designer (me) feeling frustrated. We all know, the best place to find a NEW DESIGNER is at a Jewelry Bar! But what do we do when the weather stinks and we can't get out? WE GET CREATIVE!!!

Origami Owl has launched an amazing incentive plan for us all to break out of the winter rut and get ourselves moving to earn a custom Origami Owl iPAD Mini! Ladies and gentleman, If we can't get out the door to do our Jewelry Bars... we will reach out to ALICE - Acquaintances, Livelihoods, Inner Circle, Children's Contacts & E-Conections to connect with those who would benefit by the Origami Owl opportunity! Here's how the Spring 3 Works:

  • Share your life-changing O2 Story with others
  • Sponsor 3 new "qualified" Designers between March 1-31st

(To be considered "qualified", the new designer must sell $500 in Personal Volume within the first 30-days. Example - A new designer signs up March 15th - they have until April 14th to get their $500 in PV in.)

  • Sell $500 in Personal Volume in the month of March
Lets roll up our sleeves and make the late Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) happy with all of those iPad Mini's Origami Owl will be purchasing!!!

Learn the wobble for the O2 Experience in Phoenix this July... it'll be a HOOT!

The Wobble instructional video

Who's Going to Rock March? Here's a look at the current Top 5 Designers in PV for March!!!

5.) Jennie LaBoy - Green Bay, WI - $1348

4.) Valarie O'Connor - Florence, SC - $1492

3.) Cheryl Thompson - Joplin, MO - $1536

2.) Jane DeMoss - Sergeant Bluff, ID - $1618

1.) Becky Daniel - Pittsfield, IL - $1875