Young Elementary

Week of October 17th

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The Decatur ISD Education Foundation is currently open and accepting grant applications. Please visit the Decatur ISD Education Foundation link under the Community link on the district homepage. The guidelines, as well as the steps to access the online grant application are located there. The deadline for grant applications is Friday, October 28th.

You can wear jeans all week Oct. 17th-21st and Oct. 24th-28th, if you participate in the Homecoming / Red Ribbon Week Dress-up Days! See Below.

Dig Deep in that Closet.....We have several Dress-Up Days in your Future!

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First Aid and AED Trainings.....this Week!

We would like for everyone to be trained in First Aid and the AED machine. This should only take approximately 30 minutes. Please join us in the nurse's office during your assigned time.

5th Grade - Monday, Oct. 17th 8:15-8:45

3rd Grade - Monday, Oct. 17th 9:05-9:35

1st Grade - Tuesday, Oct. 18th 1:10-1:40

Kinder - Tuesday, Oct. 18th 3:35-4:05

4th Grade - Thursday, Oct. 20th 10:05-10:35

2nd Grade - Thursday, Oct. 20th 2:05-2:35

Aides, Specials, Dyslexia, Intervention, Office Staff, etc......Please either join one of the scheduled times or get with Brandy Taylor to set up your time. We need for everyone in the building to be trained.

Behavior Tips from Christi Perkins

Key Strategies to Support Behavior in the Classroom - Develop and teach predictable classroom routines

  • Estasblish predictable patterns and activities
  • Recognize students when they successfully follow classroom routines and procedures
  • Create routines and procedures for the most problematic part of the day

Establish routines for and procedures for:

  • Transitions between activites (this is where most behavior problems occur)
  • Asking for help (you might see behavior problems because they are frustrated)
  • What to do after work is complete (when students aren't engaged they are most likely to participate in problem behaviors)
  • Turning in work

Don't assume students automatically know your routines and procedures without instruction and feedback.

Classroom PBIS Supporting and Responding to Behaviors Evidence Based Classroom Strategies for Teachers

Tips 12, 13 and 14 From 22 Tips for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

12. Providing warning of any impending change of routine, or switch of activity.

13. Addressing the pupil individually at all times (for example, the pupil may not realize that an instruction given to the whole class also includes him/her. Calling the pupil’s name and saying “I need you to listen to this as this is something for you to do” can sometimes work; other times the pupil will need to be addressed individually).

14. Using various means of presentation – visual, physical guidance, peer modeling, etc.


to the Teachers who had "Perfect Attendance" for the 1st Six Weeks!

Brittany Allred

Amanda Taylor

Rachel Lambert

Brittany Drake

Andria Williams

Tracie Finstad

Alyssa Patterson

Morgan Abel

Amy Moore

Rachael Reyna

Megan Broerman

Caroline Davis

Marvin Saunders

And to our "Extra Effort" Teacher.....Caroline Davis!

Dates to Remember:

  • 10/17 - Homecoming Parade and DISD Board Meeting
  • 10/19 - Key Communicator Meeting
  • 10/20 - Technology with Terrell 3:30pm
  • 10/21 - "Fly Friday" 3rd Grade Program and Homecoming Football Game 7pm
  • 10/24 - Red Ribbon Week begins and PTO/3rd Grade Music Program
  • 10/24 - DEIC Meeting 4:15pm
  • 10/25 - Progress Reports
  • 10/27 & 10/28 - RTI Meetings
  • 10/27 - PTO Luncheon and 4th Grade STEM DAY
  • 10/28 - "Fly Friday" STAR Council