By: Lauren Tucker

Austria Joined the European Union in 1995. Austria came after the European Union started.

History of Austria

Austria was once a part of Hungary before it became its own country. Austria is located in Central Europe north of Italy and Slovenia. There is 82,445 sq km of land in Austria and 1,426 sq km of water in Austria. Austria has large mountains with bodies of water sourounding them. They call the mountains the ALPS. 62% of Austria is the ALPS


Austrias flag has three stripes it goes red white red. The white means a belt or sash from a person long ago named Duke Leopold V. The red stands for the blood splattering of the third crusade.
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Austrias government was a Federal Rebublic. The capitals were Vienna, Graz strytia,Salzburg , Linz Upper Austria. The currency now is Euro Austria used to use a coin called shilling.


Some famous places in Austria are Schonbrunn Palace, St Stephens Cathedral and people love to go to these places in Austria

3 interesting facts

Austria had a higher population of men then woman