The Bully Book

written by:Eric Kahn Gale

Published by:Scholastic inc.,2013


Genre:Realistic Fiction


The Bully Book has a kid name Eric Haskins just who was an average kid until he went to sixth grade that when everything went down hill for Eric. When he went to sixth grade his best friend since first grade has turned against him and two other guys Jason, and Adrian has started bullying and called him a "grunt" for no reaso. He wasn't ugly or dumb he was just an average kid. When he follows his friend Donavan, Donavan told him that he fit the description for the book and he will be staying as a grunt forever. As Eric now knows that he will be the grunt ti'll he is out of school
The book tends to be kind of predictatble because t.v shows over exaggerate about how everyone gets bullied in middle school and high school and gave some clues of how you get bullied. The first part of the book make me not want to read the book be near midway everything tunrs in to a plot twist of this.

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