Arab Primary Title I News & Ideas

November 2013

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides instructional assistance to students who have been identified as experiencing academic difficulties in meeting the State's Academic Standards. The primary focus of the Title I program at Arab Primary School is reading instruction. All Title I students receive their primary reading instruction from their regular classroom teacher. Title I students receive an additional 30 minutes of small group reading instruction daily from their Title I teacher.

K Title I Teacher - Joan Scott

1st Title I Teacher - Mona Gilliland

2nd Title I Teacher - Kayla Carden

Homework Help!

Ideas to Help With SPELLING!

  • Purchase a cheap set of stove eye covers and a dry erase marker. Have your child practice their spelling words on the stove eye cover.
  • Using index cards, have your child draw a picture representing the word and the first letter of that word on the front. Write the full word on the back of the card. Have your child check the picture and write down the word on a piece of paper and spell it out loud. Have them repeat the word until they get it right.

  • Have your child write their weekly spelling words on post-it notes and stick them throughout the house, where he/she will see them through the week – the bathroom mirror, the fridge, their bedroom door. Every time they see these stickies, have them read the word, close their eyes and repeat the spelling.
  • Make a word search, play memory or hangman with the spelling words. These methods help your children think about their words in different ways and add a new element to learning their words.

First Grade Title I Teacher

My name is Mona Gilliland. I am the first grade Title I teacher at Arab Primary School. I enjoy working with children who need a little extra help in reading. If I can be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me.