Jackson The Zero

The Evil Zero

why is Jackson a zero?

Jackson was not a fair president, he gave Government jobs to his friends and people who voted for him which is called The Spoil System. The Spoil System didn't end very well because it corrupted the Government because no one had a chance to get good at their jobs. He could be considered as a king because he abused his powers. An example of Jackson over using his powers is when the Supreme Court sides with the Indians against the state of Georgia, and Jackson ignored the Supreme Court ruling.

National Bank

Jackson tried to destroy the National Bank by withdrawing federal funds and placing them in state banks. The bank supported the rich white men, but did not cater to the needs of working white men. Jackson believed that "Congress had to right under the Constitution to charter the bank." It was not Jackson's position to determine to constitutional of the bank, because the Supreme Court already ruled that the bank was constitutional in the case of McCulloch vs. Maryland.

Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency there were two Tariffs that were passed which were the 1828 and the 1832 Tariff. The South was upset with the Tariffs because they didn't have manufacturing and they couldn't import goods. South Carolina threaten that they would secede from the union if the Federal Government interferes with their Nullification Act. Congress then passes The Force Bill which made South Carolina pay their taxes. "The Force Bill" gave Jackson the power to make the South pay their tax and if they didn't pay their tax Jackson threatened to bring the U.S Army over and also to hang their leader which was Jackson's ex-Vice Present.
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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

The Political Cartoon explains that if you don't agree with his politics you will be his enemy. Its Jackson's Politics or nothing.