Francisco Portillo

Professional Communication 1A

Personal Statements

I can not live without my dog.

Family is important to me.

Practice until your good gets better and better gets best.

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Communication Process

The communication process starts with the sender or source of the message. Then the message is sent or encoded. The channel is how the message is sent. There are different types of messages. The message is then decoded, or understood by the receiver. The receiver gets the message.
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Nonverbal Communication

James Harden gives the H-town hand sign during a game. He is representing Houston.
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Informal Language

Bugs Bunny saying his famous line, "What's up Doc?" It is informal because "what's up" is informal for "hows it going". Informal language is used when talking with people you know well like friends or family.
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Future Goals

In the future, I want to a civil engineer. I want to work in Houston, improving the roads, complex highway systems, and the architecture of building, while making lots of money.
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