Freak the Mighty

Growing up - pain or pleasure

Book Title

In the book Max feels pain and pleasure going through the school year with Kevin, First he feels pain from kids making fun of him for his size, and his dad whose in prison for killing Max's mother. Max also feels pleasure when he is around Kevin doing "Quests".

Conflict and Outcome - Man VS. Man

In the story Max gets into a fight with Tony D and his gang, and him and Tony are against each other throughout the book though little encounters. At the end of the book Max threatens Tony that he will stick his head in the millpond and pound his head in the mud like a fencepost.

Character's Remarks/Actions

"He's memorized almost the whole dictionary. You can ask him anything and he knows what it means." This quote is referring to freak(Kevin) and his intelligence and how he read the dictionary many times and can recognize almost any word.

Contrasts between Characters

Max and Kevin, the two main characters of the book, Max is a big lesser intelligent eighth grade student that has a nice attitude and is nice in general, Kevin is a greater intelligent student in the Eighth grade that has a remark for almost anything, and seeming powerful his current physical state lacks size and growth for his age, still having a mighty attitude.