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September 30, 2019

Grades Due Tonight! 11:59 PM

This progress report includes everything with a due date through Friday the 27th only. If it had a due date in that range, it must be included on this IPR.

You will report grades for any student sitting in your class as of Friday the 27th, even if that student will be getting a schedule change as of Monday. If you have trouble seeing those students, you can use these instructions to view withdrawn students and make sure their grades are correct and are all entered prior to reporting.

Be sure you have all your grades published! Fill in all green circles!

If you need any help with how to do things in eSchool, remember all the handouts are on the eSchool page of the Digital Melting Pot!

According to Frisco ISD’s Grade Weights and Minimums, by this IPR you must have:

    • At least 1 Major grade
    • At least 4 Minor grades

Instructions here (be careful to submit for IPR and not RC) The checkmark should be gone, we will submit IPR again.

Find all grade deadlines here.

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State of the Chromebooks


  • The ENTIRE Sam Houston Cart is out because of a broken plug on the cart.
  • Trinity #8 is still out for repair because it will not charge
  • Socrates #30 is out for repair


  • The Navy Cart is back after having a plug fixed.
  • We had two WALL PLATES replaced last week in C133 where people yanked them out of the wall while trying to move carts that were still plugged in. Stop the madness.


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Thank you for submitting my survey!

The winner of the Sonic Gift card is Courtney Smith!

It looks like your favorite tech training format is face-to-face! Be sure to check out my live training opportunities like the one above, and be sure to contact me if you want me to talk to your PLC.

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