Week 3 Announcements


**Are you having any struggles with class? If yes, let Ms. A know ASAP!**

Due this week: ME L3, and SC L1

Having trouble viewing Tutorials?

Some of you have had trouble viewing the tutorials in the Health course. There is a fix for that! Check out this video to guide you through the steps! Let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks - Ms. A

Taking your first Test this week!

The tests in this course are called Competencies. They are performance tasks. This means that you will be given a set amount of time and a scenario. You will be given a list of tasks to complete using all the information that you have learned in the unit of study.

**Be sure to watch the explanation video prior to the first Competency.**

Contact Ms. A with Questions

In the summer, texting will get the fastest response.

Text #: ​​631-494-2462