by Suzette

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Reflexology by Suzette
Date March 26th
1 hour treatment, $50.00

Suzette Peterson is a trained Integrative Reflexologist that understands the foot’s structure and the importance it plays in body alignment. Energy pathways are stimulated for better circulation creating a calming effect throughout the entire body. You will feel like you are floating on air. Everyone benefits from therapeutic Integrative Reflexology®, from especially those with chronic health challenges as well as those who desire stress reduction.

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Suzette has three years of experience working on feet. She graduated from Claire Miller, Integrated Reflexology Institute.
Suzette has a level 3 Reiki certification which enhances the flow of energy throughout your body. Helping to get blood flowing and your body healing.

Double EVENT day, please see Akashic Readings event

Reflexology by Suzette

Saturday, March 26th, 10am-2pm

119 S Main St


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