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Happy New Year! January 3, 2016

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SWAG Champions

The BIG focus of the SWAG (Students with Academic Goals) program is to provide a champion in the lives of struggling students. Most of you can remember who championed for you as you grew, and some of us were very fortunate to have multiple champions--parents, coaches, grandparents, teachers.... I intentionally say "fortunate" because if we believe that every child wants to succeed, then it is those students who have champions who are most fortunate. When I think of "fortune", I think of luck. Can it really be that easy that those who were "lucky" enough to have a champion were most successful? I think so. A champion is one that will be there for you in good and bad times and who expects you to work hard and notices, encourages and tells it to you straight. A champion helps you see your future self and helps you find your voice and choice in the path to that future self. I challenge each of you to CHAMPION for those who need it most as we head into the new year. Know that your expectations and clear goals, built and shared with students, will help them see themselves as the readers, writers, mathematicians and the growing PEOPLE we know they can be!

Assessment Reminders from Santina


If you have a student who will not be completing a MAP make-up in your classroom, please send the student's name and the test to Marilyn as soon as possible.


Access testing will be taking place Jan 19-22. Room 209 will be used from 8-11 everyday for testing. Teachers - Paula will be conducting ACCESS 1st-5th and will let you know when your students will be testing. Santina will be doing all kindergarteners and alternate ACCESS students throughout January, as these students must be tested individually.

Charlene Ruble @ SSE Next Week

Jan. 12-13 Charlene Ruble will join us for another round of math demonstration lessons & in-class coaching. Just a reminder that we have committed to the daily use of What's My Place, What's My Value? in grades K-3rd and Fraction Bait in grades 4-5.

Build Math Understanding With Legos

from Dec. 30 Math Education Smart Brief

Legos help students visualize math problems

First-graders at a North Carolina elementary school are working with Legos to solve math programs. Teachers say the building blocks help students visualize the problem before working it out on their iPad tablets.

The Fayetteville Observer (N.C.)

Southisde student Lego kits are available for checkout from the Media Center. They are stored in the book room.

Learning to Love Reading

Our Literacy Committee ha been working very hard to organize literacy activities, celebrations and competitions at Southside. Loving literacy starts in the home. It can also start in the classroom for some students. There are simple things teachers can embed into the daily routines and rituals of the classroom to build a love of literacy:

37 Ways to Help Kids Learn to Love Reading | Edutopia

Welcome to the World, Bennett Clark! December 11, 2015 8.2lbs. 20inches Congratulations Brandon!

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Simon Leads the Holiday Sing-a-Long

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2nd Annual SSE Engineering Showcase

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 6-7pm

Southside Elementary School

A night for students to showcase their learning with family, friends and community!

This Week at Southside

THIS WEEK: Set New AR Goals with Students

Monday, January 4

Tuesday, January 5

RTI Day-schedule sent by Krista Mornar

Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching

Staff Meeting 2:45 (Library)-Bring your new journal!

Micro Clinic Begins (WEEKLY-4:00-following staff meeting for those interested)

Wednesday, January 6

Thursday, January 7

Data Teams during planning

Friday, January 8

Report Cards go home with students

Coming Up

January 11 FRC Advisory Council Meeting

January 12 Dr. Neihof and Mrs. Smith Visit (8:30-10:00)

January 12 and 13 Charlene Ruble at Southside for embedded math PD

Middle School Chromebook Deployment

January 14 PTO Meeting (2:45 and 7:00PM)

Team Lead Meeting (3:00-Conference Room)

SBDM Meeting

January18 NO SCHOOL in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

January 19-22 ACCESS Testing (Mrs. Strong will administer grades 1-5)

january 20 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference)

January 28 New Teacher Session (Meredith's Room)

February 3 Leader in Me On-Site Coaching Visit with Emily Reed

February 4 ABRI Coding Day

February 5 Father/Daughter Dance

February 8-February 18 Engineering Week(s)FLEX PD Feb 12/NO SCHOOL Feb. 15

February 11 Potential Date for Valentine's Day Parties

February 17 ABRI Team Meeting (3:00-Conference Room)

February 18 Engineering Showcase (6-7:00)