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Aidan B.

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The Quote

The reason behind the qutoe is simple; I resonate with it. I feel a book can alleviate worries and problems. I always like to read, even if I'm not feeling down.

About Me

As a reader, I am quite advanced, in my opinion. I started reading at a young age and was reading years above my grade level while most classmates weren't reading at all. I prefer to read longer books. They expand on the story. The only problem with long books is that I hate them to end due to the fact that they're so in depth about the story line and characters.

And know, 10 things I am as a reader:

  1. I read a fair bit more than all of my family
  2. I got my passion for reading from my mom.
  3. When I read, I get tired, but if I'm in bed and reading, I can't stop.
  4. I've stayed up an hour or two longer then I would've liked to reading.
  5. I like action, but also a decent amount of sci-fi.
  6. The worst part of reading a series is waiting for the sequel to come out, it feels like it takes years.
  7. I hate finding a new series. It's rare for me to find a series I enjoy and really like to read.
  8. Whenever I go anywhere, I try to bring a book, because I'll know I'll want to read it.
  9. I like a lot of books with characters you get attached to.
  10. I hate being forced to read certain books or genres.

Song Now Playing


Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind by Monstercat
I choose this song because it's what reading does to me. It keeps my head up high. And for reading, you have to change your frame of mind.

Blog Entry

The book I am reading right now is Itch, by Simon Mayo. I am really enjoying it and can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series!

Personally, if your looking for a book to read and enjoy science, I recommend Itch to anyone with a thirst for adventure, story, and very interesting facts about elements.


Here is a taste of some of my favorite books.

Places To Find Books

Personally, I really like to use Goodreads, but everybody knows about that. Another site I like to use is Epic Reads. I really like it because you can look at what other people are reading, or look at new books that were released.

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