Yoga at Ikan Corp

Friday, August 15th 7:50AM-8:30AM

Yoga class at Ikan Corp!

Kat's Yoga Lab will be leading a 60 minute yoga session on "The Second Floor, Sales Department" on Friday, August 15th 7:50AM-8:50AM.

The class begins with short intro to employee wellness, followed by yoga postures, breathing exercises and finishes with a brief meditation.

The session serves to increase awareness of posture and body-use during work activities. Specific yoga techniques are used to release tension in the body, calm the mind, develop a positive attitude, increase personal empowerment and renew enthusiasm to face challenges, within a workplace and your personal life.

All levels are welcome. Yoga mats optional. Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!

About your teacher

Kat is an energetic health & wellness professional with multiple years experience in worksite health promotion and individual fitness. She excels at coaching and motivating individuals and small groups to pursue the benefits of exercise, relaxation, and nutrition. For more info: