Asha for education

By Bennett Huber


Asha for education was created in 1991 by V.J.P Srivatsavoy, who unfortunately died in 2000 . The company was created to provide education to kids in India that didn't receive this. Also to encourage other local groups to reach out to other parts of the world and help. The company also wants to help companies that already help these parts of the world. Lastly, they want to make sure people can have stable parts of life.

Why they started Asha

A group of students got together to see how they could help the development of their country of origin of India. They thought that education would help social and economical development of India. The word Asha means hope in

Similarities and differences

One similarity between Jeff Bezos and Asha for education is they came up with a business opportunities and made the thoughts into a business. One difference between the two is Asha for education is more for helping India as a country but Amazon was created to make money and give customers what they want to buy.