Week 31 Updates

April 11- 15, 2016

Have you bought your ticket yet?

Do you like dressing up once in a while?

Do you like jazz (WOOT)?

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful evening with love ones knowing your child is being taken GREAT care of at Kids Klub in Pasadena?

Have you ever wonder what it feels like to bid AND win an item?

Do you want to win RESERVED front row seats for your child's kindergarten graduation (you won't have to worry about rushing to school and not being able to record your child's performance)?

Do you want to win a cool experience for your child to enjoy with their favorite teacher in the summer (rock climbing? movie?)?

Do you want to make sure your child has the support of an instructional aide, the opportunity to visit a school library and computer lab, and the access to technology resources?

If you answer YES to any of these, please join us at the upcoming school gala on April 23! It's an event I have always looked forward to the most every year. This year's gala is especially meaningful to me as I am attending as a teacher. Most importantly, the auction art item C22 Heroes and some wonderful parents created is going to be there. Don't you want to see it and watch how much contribution YOUR child makes at the biggest school event of the year? It can seriously pass as a professional art piece! ;)


Theme: A Night of Jazz at the Field Big Easy

Date: Saturday, 23 April 2016

Time: 5:30-10:00pm

Location: Brookside Golf and Country Club

The purpose of this big event is to fundraise for our school. If you know a local business that would like to donate to the silent auction, please contact the Gala committee at FieldBigEasy2016@gmail.com for more information on how to procure an awesome auction item.

You can get your tickets for The Field Big Easy right now at http://www.tinyurl.com/FieldBigEasyTickets

To download help with procurement: http://field.pusd.us/pages/Field_Elementary/Parents___Students/For_Parents/Annual_Fund/FieldBigEasy

Hope to see you all there! :)

Class Needs

Star of the Day

What: Each student will take turn being the STAR OF THE DAY

Why: -to provide each child an opportunity to share about himself/herself

-to make each child to feel valued (it's THEIR day!)

-to build confidence doing presentation in front of peers

How: All students will be given 3 weeks to work on a poster with fun facts about himself/herself. Then going in number order, each student will take turn being the Star of the Day and present the poster. A handout with requirements and helpful sentence frames was sent home two weeks ago.

When: We will start the presentation beginning the week of April 18. You have the option to bring in the project before the 3 weeks deadline. The child can also bring in the poster on the day that he/she is the star of the day. :)

4/18: Student 21

4/19: Student 20

4/20: Student 19

4/21: Student 18

4/22: Student 17

4/25: Student 16

4/26: Student 15

4/27: Student 14

4/28: Student 13

4/29: Student 12

5/2: Student 11

5/3: Student 10

5/4: Student 9

5/5: Student 8

5/6: Student 7

5/9: Student 6

5/10: Student 5

5/12: Student 4

5/13: Student 3

5/16: Student 2

5/17: Student 1

Please check your email if you need an extra handout. It's already been shared with you.

Field Trip Permission Slip

Class Pictures

If you would like to order the class pictures, please call 626-577-7012 or mail them a check of $15 to LifeTouch at 253 N. Vinedo Ave., Ste #1, Pasadena, CA 91107 with name of the student, school, teacher.

Spring Picture

The spring picture order form and photos will be sent home with Tuesday folder. Please return the photos if you do NOT plan to purchase it.

Principal's Message


1) Better Chinese Account

Please CONTINUE to have your child work on Better Chinese reading as part of their daily homework. This is a very valuable resource the school has purchased to help parents in supporting Mandarin learning at home. Once you log-in, you will see the assignment under "Assignment Messages". If you only have access to an iPad, you may download a free application called Puffin Web Browser and it shall allow you to access the BC account.

2) Khan Academy (Optional)

Please take advantage of Khan Academy as it is a great resource for your child to practice math skills taught in class or challenge with more math concepts. If your child answer more questions correctly, the website will adapt and give harder problems. It will also make the problems easier if the child is struggling with answering them. After enrolling your child to my "class", I will also be able to see his/her progress. If you need specific recommendations or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In the "add a coach" field, please enter class code 78TY9E

3) Class Facebook and Instagram

Please follow our class on social media to get a glimpse of C22Heroes in actions! It's also another way to connect with one another. You may also share it with friends and family members. :)