The Dixie Dazzler

Your Monthly Wrap-up!

An Year to Remember!

WOW!! We did amazing things in 2012!! I can hardly imagine what we will do in 2013! As a team, we did over $507,777 in retail sales and qualified 59 new stylists!!! That's truly amazing. We have iPad winners, promotions, stylist rebuilding their businesses in new cities, we branched into the UK, we took our families on trips, we splurged on things just for ourselves... in short, we styled our own lives. WE WERE AWESOME. Be proud and move into 2013 with the confidence that you can accomplish anything and the possibilities are endless. The promise of a new year and a fresh start is invigorating. It's not just about where you've been, but where are you going to go NEXT. What will you do to be awesome in 2013?

Need a Little Inspiration?

December Kudos!

December Top in Sales! $$$

Susan Carruth $5,426.00

Jennifer Maddox $4,946.00

Carolyn Barnes $3,516.00

Tonya Snider $3,513.00

Hannah Hendley $2,178.00

Tammy Haynes $2,117.00

Sherry Sawicki $2,073.00

Allison Smythe $1,930.00

Amanda Shaw $1,830.00

Paige Fulford $1,556.00

Marti Neville $1,098.00

Pierce clark $1,081.00

Brooke Horne $1,056.00

Sarah Harris $1,050.00

Brittany Faircloth $1,036.00

India Cox $1,035.00

Mallory Lescenski $966.00

Kimberly Renz $936.00

Lori Crooks $847.00

Margaret Thorstenson $817.00

Anna Sample $810.00

Victoria Kennedy $777.00

Congrats to everyone for another stellar month!! Everyone on this leader board earned at least 500 PCV and got their business supply credits!!

Another HUGE congrats to the number #1 seller on our team for 2012- Susan Carruth!! She sold $61,268.00!! While this is an incredible accomplishment in and of itself, it is more amazing because Susan travels long distances for most of her shows! She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of GA, and sets up shows with hostesses all over the southeast.

Here are your Top 10 sellers for 2012:

Susan Carruth $61,268.00

Carolyn Barnes $53,987.00

Hannah Hendley $36,509.00

Amanda Shaw $28,421.00

Tonya Snider $23,309.00

Crystal Cowart $20,253.00

Allison Smythe $18,426.00

Marti Neville $16,535.00

Sherry Sawicki $15,570.00


Congratulations to these New Stylists that have earned Jumpstart!

  • Jean Parks $300
  • Catherine Payne $150