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A little history on steamboats

The era of the steamboat began in America in 1787 when John Fitch (1743-1798) made the first successful trial of a forty-five-foot steamboat on the Delaware River on August 22, 1787, in the presence of members of the Constitutional Convention. Fitch later built a larger vessel that carried passengers and freight between Philadelphia and Burlington, New Jersey.

John Fitch was granted his first United States patent for a steamboat on August 26, 1791. However, he was granted his patent only after a battle with James Rumsey over claims to the same invention. Both men had similar designs.

Advantages and Disadvantages!


Steamboats have lots of good things like... they are very fast, they are very durable, they are strong, they almost never sink!


Steamboats have a few disadvantages to like... they are very harmful to the environment ( who cares that is the next generations problem) , they are very expensive and they take up lots of room!

A few of our models!

Walt Disney Animation Studios 39 Steamboat Willie

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how it effects ND!

Steamboats made it easier to export goods down the rivers and eventually the oceans. This made selling your crops to lets say Florida a lot faster and a heck of a lot easier!