Nonfiction Rhetorical Analysis

Daniela Arellano / English 11

"A Speech to the American Equal Rights Association"

May 9, 1967. New Jork- Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth is an 80 some year old woman who is speaking up for colored women's rights. She spent 40 years as a slave and 40 years free. She is speaking for women who never believed that they had to speak up for equal rights. If men get twice the profit, women should too. They work in the same fields. Why should men get more money than women? Men think women will always rely on them, not true. We aren't the slaves of the male species. If they get paid as much as men they won't rely on anybody. Maybe men will have to rely on women one day.
"So I am for keeping the thing going while things are stirring" Sojourner refers to history repeating itself. White men owned dark skinned men. Now that dark skinned men are free, women aren't. Men are holding women captive because they don't acquire as much money as they do. "I want women to have their rights. In the courts women have no right, no voice; nobody speaks for them." That's exactly what happened with slavery involving all dark skinned people. Therefore history is repeating itself.
The rhetorical devices that were in Sojourner's speech were Plain Folk and Logos. In Plain Folk is found in her speech because she's a citizen like any other person. She uses slang and talks in a casual way. She uses Logos by comparing slavery involving white men and dark skinned men with men enslaving women.
The purpose of Truths' speech was to persuade people that women have as much right as men do. She intends to show the cruel side of inequality. Women are meant to be treated equally. She hopes that the governments' prospective will change with her speech. She wants to make a change so everyone can truly be free of discrimination. "But help us now until we get it. It is a good consolation to know that when we have got this battle once fought we shall not be coming to you any more." It's a call for help in a sexist industry.
The main idea was to make an impact on the equality on the future society. Today, both sexes are treated fairly without any excuse. Both sexes can have the same job and earn an almost identical profit. Now it doesn't matter what gender or color a person is, almost everyone is treated the same. The beauty behind fighting for what our heart desires is truly amazing.