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The official newsletter for SD-STARS - October 2021

Upcoming trainings for districts

The SD-STARS team is building out our fall training dates for districts. Below are some training opportunities. Find more information and register at GoSignMeUp.

SD-STARS Webinar for Beginners

Are you new to SD-STARS, or has it been a while since you’ve used the system? Users at all skill levels are encouraged to join this October webinar as we learn about and navigate through SD-STARS. Read more...

Regional Trainings

In November, the SD-STARS team will provide trainings for districts that utilize SD-STARS. Morning and afternoon sessions will be offered in three locations throughout the state – Mitchell, Aberdeen, and Rapid City. Participants can attend one or both sessions on any given date. Read more...

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Two initiatives using SD-STARS: Proactive admissions, college readiness coursework

This month, the South Dakota Department of Education will again use SD-STARS for two initiatives: proactive admissions and college readiness coursework. Read more...
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2020-2021 Accountability Report Card wrap-up

The 2020-21 Accountability report card is wrapped up! On Oct. 14, the report card will be released to the public. You will be able to find the public report card at


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How to submit a request for a new report or an enhancement to a current report

Did you know the SD-STARS team creates reports free of charge to district users? If you have an idea for a report, let the SD-STARS team know! Read more...

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STARS Reports moved

Recently, the SD-STARS team was asked, “Why can’t I see any reports in SD-STARS?” Don’t worry! The reports didn’t disappear. Read more...

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Ask the Experts

The SD-STARS experts answer questions from users.

  • How accurate are attendance data in SD-STARS? Click for answer...

  • My password from last year won't work anymore. What can I do? Click for answer...

  • I had an SD-STARS account at my former school and would like an account at my new school. What can I do? Click for answer...

  • I work with school districts on using data. Can I have access to SD-STARS? Click for answer...

  • Who is my STARS Account Manager, or SAM? Click for answer...

  • What is the difference between the private and public report card? Click for answer...
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Flyers for FERPA

The U.S. Department of Education Privacy Technical Assistance Center has created eight flyers for schools and education stakeholders to use to help share the message to protect student data. You can access all flyers in PDF form at This makes it easy for schools to print and hang them in high-traffic areas staff frequent, like the staff lounges and printer/copier areas.

This month we feature a flyer about what can be personally identifiable information.

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STARS Certified Trainers

STARS Certified Trainers are located throughout the state and are ready and willing to answer your questions. They are available to conduct SD-STARS trainings for your school or district to help educators make the most out of SD-STARS. They have been trained by department staff on the SD-STARS system and are kept up to date on system developments and new reports. Districts can contact SCTs directly to request training at a cost to the district.
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About us

South Dakota STARS Connections is a bi-monthly publication for South Dakota administrators and teachers, produced by the South Dakota Department of Education. This publication is intended to communicate news and events regarding the South Dakota Student Teacher Accountability and Reporting System (SD-STARS), our Statewide Longitudinal Data System. To view an online edition of this newsletter, go to
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