Principal's Corner

Shoshone Middle/High School, High Desert High School

The Outsiders

In Mr. C Smith's 8th grade English class students are currently reading the young adult classic novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. This has been part of the curriculum for years, but this year is a little different. Inspired by the project based learning training he received this summer, and the work he has done developing project based learning plans for High Desert High School this year, Mr. C. Smith has chosen to teach this novel in project form. Rather than requiring an essay to be completed after finishing the book, students will instead be tasked with investigating real incidents of teen violence and creating an informative brochure helping others understand how teens are affected by violence in our state and our country. We hope that these brochures can be placed in a prominent location so that they might be a valuable resource for the school and the community, and we also hope that the students will be motivated to be agents of positive change.

Mentors and Movement

The High School Leadership Class is working on Reading Buddy Project with the kindergarten and 1st graders. It is a valuable program to provide positive interaction between teenagers and grade school aged students in an educational environment.

Fuel up to Play

We are working on FUTP60 A Program which encourages eating healthy and exercising. With the mentoring and assistance of Mrs. Martin we were able to receive a grant which will provide funding for the Kitchen and P.E. Programs.

6th grade Technology

The 6th grade students have been learning the scientific problem solving process as an introduction to our computer software coding unit. Students worked in groups to design aluminum foil boats that would support as many pennies as possible. We first defined our problem – we need to float a boat hauling pennies. We then brainstormed the best designs and prepared our boat. The groups then tried their boat and reflected on any changes that could be made to improved their design. We then tried the experiment again. By the way, the groups each got one piece of foil measuring 5x5 inches. The winning boat held 38 pennies before sinking on the 39th penny!

6th graders will be learning basic coding skills until spring break. By then our new 3-D printer will be up and running! The students will spend the rest of the school year learning to use 3-D CAD design tools to create their own plastic 3-D objects. We are all SO excited to expand our knowledge of Technology.