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March 17, 2022

In this Week's Update

  • Meterologist Christy Shields Visits 3rd Grade
  • 5th Graders Learns with Rockets
  • Band Bash Rocks the AAHS
  • Kindergarten Gets a Surprise
  • A Springtime Reminder for Families from Mrs. Myers about head lice
  • 3rd Graders Code for Animals
  • The Halls of PV
  • Mr. D's Science Fun
  • Catching Leprechauns
  • Attachments: Awesome Authors Across America Family Night, Track & Field Flyer, CBRC Baton & Cheerleading, Keystone Girls Softball, Hats for Ukraine

meterologist christy shields visits third grade

Third grade students are currently studying weather in science. As a special treat, they had the opportunity to zoom with WTAJ meteorologist, Christy Shields. In class, students were introduced to weather instruments. Ms. Shields was able to talk to the children about how she uses instruments such as a thermometer, barometer, and rain gauge. One of the highlights of their talk was when the meteorologist used two soda bottles and duct tape to demonstrate how a tornado forms and swirls through the air.

The third graders were also given a virtual tour of the studio. They were able to see how cameras and a green screen operate. The presentation concluded with a question and answer time. Student Ben Strohman asked, “What weather scares you the most?” Christy Shields explained that lightning and ice scare her the most. What an amazing and unique opportunity the third graders experienced!

This truly was a thrilling, real life learning experience for students. Who knows what wheels were set in motion from this experience that will lead to future careers. PV's third grade team of teachers provided a special opportunity for their students. Thank you, team, for organizing and developing this curriculum aligned event.

Check out this link to see what WTAJ posted about Ms. Shield's visit.

5th Graders Learn with Rockets

5th grade students in Mrs. Sackandy's class just finished up a rocket lesson using Sam Labs. Students built a model rocket to represent the relationship between the apparent brightness of the stars and their relative distance from Earth. Students also created a modification where they simulated the sound of a rocket launch. Along with programming and coding, students also learned about the Milky Way Galaxy and how stars are formed.

Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Sackandy!

Band Bash rocks the aahs

This week, a massive elementary school band flooded the AAHS stage to perform. For many students, this was their very first concert. For others, it was one of their last in elementary school before heading to the 6th Grade Band at the AAJHS.

Great job, kids! Keep up the practicing!

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kindergarten gets a surprise

Kindergarten has been learning about animals, habitats, and adaptations necessary for survival. They were rewarded with a very special surprise due to all of their hard work.

This Thursday, Mr. J.T. Bandzuh, Conservation Education Specialist, from the Blair County Conservation District visited our classroom to teach us more about turtles. Mr. Bandzuh brought in three live turtles and two turtle shells. We learned that two turtles were Box Turtles and one was a Wood Turtle. These turtles ranged in age from 35 years old to 100 years old! Students were so excited and shared their knowledge of adaptations such as webbed feet and how the shell protects the turtle.

After Mr. Bandzuh’s presentation, students were able to hold the turtles. Now that makes for a Turtle-ly Awesome Thursday! Thank you Mr. Bandzuh and the Blair County Conservation for coming to visit and allowing us to meet these three special turtles!

Nothing quite like hands-on experience. Thank you, Mrs. Steinbugl!

A springtime reminder for families

A Message from Mrs. Myers

As the weather warms up, it's hard to think about anything but enjoying the outside weather. But this time of year usually brings with it unwelcomed critters. Unfortunately, one of the common pests this time of year can be head lice. There are some important facts to keep in mind when it comes these nasty pests.

#1 Anyone can get head lice.

#2 Lice crawl very quickly and do not jump, fly, or hop

#3 Lice is a nuisance, but not a health risk

Not sure if it's lice? Here are some symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Tickling feeling of something crawling in the hair
  • Scratch marks or red bite marks behind the ears or back of the neck
  • Irritability and sleeplessness because head lice are active at night

Here are some measures and things to keep in mind when treating:

#1 Nits must be removed daily. Nits hatch within 7-10 days and remain alive. As long as there are live nits, head lice can be spread.

#2 Check every member of the family for live nits and lice.

#3 Treat family members who have had lice with lice-killing products and follow the directions EXACTLY.

#4 Check hair every day for at least 14 days.

#5 Repeat the treatment according to package directions.

#6 Remind children not to share combs, hats, scarves, helmets, hair accessories, or coats.

#7 If problems with lice persist, call your health care provider.

Please remember, anyone can get head lice. Let's be on the lookout for symptoms and get a head of this Springtime pest.

Helpful resources from Nurse Amanda:

3rd Graders code for animals

3rd grade students in Mrs. Sackandy's class finished up an Animal Characteristics Sam Lab lesson. Students gained an understanding of how animals have inherited and adapted characteristics which aid in their survival. Students coded and programmed three systems to facilitate a team quiz game. The 3 systems were animal sounds, a spinner, and a score keeper.

Looks like a fun way to learn, Mrs. Sackandy! Thanks!

in the halls of pv - you can't turn a corner without seeing the pride teachers have in our students' learning

Mr. D's science: Big fun = big learning

As we approach the final stretch of the school year, Mr.D's 5th grade science class has big things coming up!

We are currently starting to prepare for the most talked about Science activity here at PV. ("The Owl Pellet Dissection")

We are building a solid foundation of background information on how our ecosystems truly work and why they are so important.

In other big news, the 5th grade will be starting an end of the year STEM project title, "THE INVENTION CONVENTION!" Students will design their own invention while coming up with a slogan, logo, advertisement and much, much more.

There are so many big learning opportunities happening. Can't wait to see those inventions, Mr. D!

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how to catch a leprechaun

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Upcoming Events

March 17 - STEM Night, 4:00 pm

March 18 - Hats for Ukraine

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March 22 - Title 1 Parent Engagement Event, 5:00 pm

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March 23 - Daffodil Delivery

March 24 - Eat at Hoss's for PV

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