ELA November Update

Update sent out the first Tuesday of the month

What is the Science of Reading?

Have you heard of LETRS, but unsure what it stands for? Are you hearing more and more about the Science of Reading, but need some clarification? This quick article by Dr. Louisa Moats is a great place to start.

Why Every Educator Needs to Understand the "Science of Reading"

MPS will begin another LETRS cohort in May 2022. Information will be sent out in April and 60 teachers will be selected to attend. We hope that all elementary teachers will go through this training over the next few years.

IXL Group Jam!

Do you love Kahoots? Do you need a quick way to incorporate a fun formative assessment into your day? IXL Group Jam is your anwer. Start a Group Jam in less than a minute, on any skill/standard in IXL.

*edit - This will not work in the ipad App at this time. That update is coming soon.

Watch this 30 second video for all the details!

Need to learn more about IXL. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for quick and easy tips!

IXL on YouTube

Upcoming PD

Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping as well as Secret Stories are currently full. They will be offered again in January.

Phonics and Spelling with Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

K - 6 teachers

How to teach spelling/phonics/word study with the “Science of Reading”. This training goes in depth on how you can take your instruction to the next level to reach all learners. All attendees will receive their own copy of the book. For more information visit this link.

When: November 2nd at 4:30

Where: Southgate Elementary

500 N. Norman Ave

Moore, OK 73160

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Heggerty is a daily systematic phonemic awareness program. We encourage this use in all PK- 3 classrooms. For more information visit this link. Participants will receive a book, if they don’t already have one.

November 9th at 4:15


The Secret Stories of Phonics

K-2 Teachers

A great “catch” to help kids learn their essential phonics skill. All attendees will receive a set of secret stories materials. For more information visit: www.thesecretstories.com

December 8th @ 4:30

Where: Heritage Trails Elem.

1801 S. Bryant

Moore, OK 73160

Revised Standards Clarification

There has been some anxiety about implementing the revised 2021 ELA standards. This year's OSTP will be aligned to the 2016 standards, not the revised ones. Please know that I plan to offer professional development on the revised standards this year so we will be prepared. In the meantime, here are some suggestions and considerations offered by the SDE:

  • The 2021 standards are based on the 2016 standards and the revisions represent an improvement in clarity, coherence, and purpose.
  • You can use the elementary crosswalk document to see the differences between the 2021 and 2016 standards.
  • You might identify a handful of the 2021 standards that you want to teach in the 2021-2022 school year in addition to the 2016 standards.
  • Since the OSTP will be aligned to the 2021 standards in spring 2023, you will need to teach of the 2021 standards in the 2022-2023 school year.

Podcast of the Month

Are you addicted to podcasts? Are you unsure what it even is? Check out November's spotlight podcast, all on the Science of Reading!

Educate: What the Words Say By Emily Hanford and APM Reports.

Entire Educate collection

This entire series is great, but this episode focus shows why we need to follow the Science of Reading.