Matter Review

Kirsten Brown,Jonathon Brewer,and Lexi Sims


1.Matter is something that has mass and takes up space.

2.It's made up of atoms and which made up of Protons,neutrons,electrons

3.Picture below

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1.Atoms are the building blocks of everything

2.picture below

3.Cause they are indivisible and make up everything

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Elements and Molecules

1.Elements are made up of millions of ONE type of atom and they make up atoms, Molecules are made up of elements

2.The amount of protons

3.Becuase it is made up of elements

Physical Properties

Weight: Is the force of gravity on an object

Mass: Tell's how much matter is in an object

Voulme: The amount of space an object takes up

Density:How much mass is in a certian volume

Buoyancy:How easily an object sinks or floats