"People should be responsible when making decisions"

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Act 3 Scene 5

In Act 3 scene 5 The Nurse says to Juliet, "Romeo's a dishclout to him... Brewshrew my very heart I think you are happy in this second match"(1070 lines 245-250). This relates to the theme because the Nurse is babbling about how Juliet should forget about Romeo and this is angering Juliet because she feels the Nurse is betraying her and the way she feels about Romeo. When the Nurse shouldn't have gotten into this conversation because it has nothing to do with her.

Act 2 Scene 4

In Act 2 scene 4 the Nurse goes to Juliet to tell her the news from her lover Romeo. The Nurse tells her, "Now good sweet Nurse... If good thou shamest the music of sweet news"(1038 lines 20-25). This relates to the theme because the Nurse knowing that Romeo and Juliet's relationship could never last, but she kept setting fire to the flame allowing a situation that she had no business in, get out of control.

Act 1 Scene 3

The Nurse is speaking to Juliet about how she should marry Paris. The Nurse says, " A man, young lady! Lady such a man as all the world why hes a man of wax"(1007 lines 82-83). This relates to the theme because the Nurse is in Lord, Lady, and Juliet's business about how Juliet should marry Paris and automatically agrees with Lady Capulet even though she is usually there for Juliet, and if she would have kept her opinion to herself Juliet wouldn't feel the need to fake her death.

Act 2 Scene 4 from Romeo's Perspective

Romeo tells the Nurse to tell Juliet to sneak out the house. Even though its for "love" Romeo knows he and Juliet can never be together and will always be her "enemy". He says to the nurse, " Tell her to devise a plan to get out of the house"(1024 lines 85) This relates to the theme because Romeo knowing that secretly being with Juliet would cause unnecessary problems and instead of going to their parents or even running away they continued to have the nurse be a messenger, went and got married and expected everything to be right in the end. Romeo since he was older and should be less reckeless than Juliet should not have gone along with the ideas of sneaking around, but addressed the situation better.