Jacob Burkett

English 2

Hobbies and activities

I love to be active i am involved in wrestling, tennis, and choir. I have wrestled only one year prior to this year i feel that it is a very good way to make new friends because of how close you have to be physically and mentally. Also in tennis i played one year prior to coming to Buhler it was a great experience for me to be involved in, in something i was not used to. I had the chance in 7th grade to quit taking choir, but after everybody left the few that stayed had a great time and learned a lot abut how to sing a lot better.


I have attended many schools but i only remember very little of them. I went to tyson, baker, sun set, santa fe, hesston middle, hesston high. i can only remember back to hesston middle, those four years were very great! Mrs. Towes was a councilor she cared about not only the staff but the kids even after i left for high school she was always asking my sister to tell me hello and ask how i am doing. Although I know i am graduating college i do not see myself going to college.


I have 6 people in my immediate family including me. My dad's name is Kevin, my mom's is Theresa, older brother is Christopher, older sister Felisha, me, and the youngest is Stephanie. they have helped me get through a lot and they have came to me when they have needed help. Stephanie has MR or (mental retardation) although she is progressing faster than expected she still cant quite get all the things that a normal girl her age should be able to get.

Walter Peyton

Walter Peyton played for the Chicago Bears in the 70's he held the record for most rushing yards in one year for the longest time until Emmit Smith beat it in his prime. But Walter Peyton wasn't only a great athlete he was also a great person to the community, he was a very loving person he helped many companies by giving them hope. Now there is an award called the Walter Peyton award for the most help outside of the field.
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When i was about two years old, i was in the cupboard and there was Lamp Oil i had opened the bottle and i drank it, this caused my heart to stop beating a essentially i "died" for a extended amount of time. As my hear started to beat they sent me in to look at my lungs, as they did that they realized that my lunges were burnt. i was diagnosed with 2 types of asthma. During my baseball time i was a pitcher which caused me to tear a bunch of muscles and tendons in my wrist so when i over use my right hand sometimes it can hurt really bad and i have to tape it up or not use it for a couple of minutes. also i have something wrong with my knees (if you want to know ask me because i cant spell it.)


My dad is the one to contact through phone either call or text at (620)951-0074. He will usually answer to unknown numbers the second time if he does not answer the first time.