Subdivided Courses help Students Learn in Small Increments

Web Trainer Recommends this Model:

  • Passive-Learning segment (brief narrated powerpoint presentation)
  • Active-Learning exercise that reinforces the concept, such as a self test, review questions, or short quiz
"By offering a standalone chunk of learning in this manner, students become accustomed to the pattern of alternating passive and active learning and are more likely to log in more frequently because they don t need to commit a substantial amount of time in a single session. Students can process this concept while they are going about other activities of their day and later come back for another learning concept." -Rob Kelly


  • It takes more time for students to complete a chunk than the actual time of the presentation because they may pause the presentation and take notes and/or replay a section
  • In some classes it takes students three times longer to complete a chunk

Suggestions for Chunking:

  • Find natural break points in presentations and create transition slides
  • create an active-learning activity based on the concept introduced in each chunk
  • Indicate the amount of time it will take for students to go through each chunk
  • Record narration per individual slide to enable students to skip or review individual slides
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Refer to Page 9: Table 1 and 2

Benefits of Chunking Include:

  • Students log in more frequently
  • It helps establish a pattern to the course
  • Allows students to find the time to fit the learning into their busy schedules
  • The course is easier to update