Change Lives. Build a Nation.

An opportunity to make a difference

Mercy Mission Madinah

In attempts to change the nation, we must first change our communities. The Mercy Mission Madinah is an Islamic Center, located near Winston Churchill and Dundas in Mississauga, constructed to provide unique and beneficial programs and activities that will enrich the lives of the community through knowledge.

Inspired by Madinah Al-Nabi (the city of the Prophet), we aim to carry on his vision and attend our focus on four key objectives: Piety, Selflessness, Self-Sufficiency, and Confidence.

We're seeking passionate people who will carry this vision forward! If you're eager to make a difference, join us today.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for passionate people to join our team, people who are eager to contribute and make a positive change to the lives of many in our community. As of now, we're looking to immediately fill the following roles:

1) Program Lead - Children & Youth
2) Program Lead - Families, Parents & Couples
3) Program Lead - Professional & Personal Development
4) Program Lead - Islamic Development
5) Marketing Lead
6) Program Coordinators

Join Today!

Not only will you attain the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something for the sake of Allah but you'll also attain some quality experience and skills that will look great on any resume.

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