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This edition is coming in a little early! Why? It's important! In todays edition you will find information on the Texas Schools To Watch Visit! Bowman is awesome!!!

Texas Schools to Watch Agenda


If anything changes we will let you know!!


7:30 – 8:30 Meet with the administrative team

(Morning Coverage: Alfaro is doing 7:30 duty. Zock, MacLeod, C. Williams, Salmon, Harper will supervise in cafeteria. Leadership Team may also supervise.)

Gloria Martinez, Principal

Julianne Aguilar, Assistant Principal

Tyesha Glover, Administrative Intern

Adrian Rodriguez, Behavior Specialist

Joan McInosh, Academic Specialist

Carlene Sanger, SPED Team leader

Becky Jackson, Math Specialist

Crystal Roach, Reading/ELL Specialist

Cheryl Ware, 8th grade Counselor

Lisa Greco, 7th Grade Counselor

Alissa Benoit, 6th Grade Counselor

8:30 – 9:15 First Period

Suggestion: 7th Grade Student Group (Library)

Classroom Visits

9:15 – 10:06 Second Period

Suggestion: 7th Grade Team Time – Korpal (Room 705)

Planning with 6th grade Math – Jackson (Room 821)

10:10 – 10:55 Third Period

Suggestion: 8th Grade Student Group (Library)

Classroom Visits

10:59 – 11:20 Fourth Period

Suggestion: 6th Grade Student Group (Library)

Classroom Visits

11:20 – 12:18 Lunch in the Library with the PTA

Have Choir perform one song at the beginning of lunch - Bunzendahl

Lunch Group:

Gloria Martinez

Julianne Aguilar

Tyesha Glover

Adrian Rodriguez

Pat Craven

Hilda Salas

Isabelle Pawling

Nereida Perez

**6 PTA Members

*2 Guests from TSTW

Lunch Coverage:

6th Grade – Alyssa Benoit and Coach

7th Grade – Lisa Greco and Joan McIntosh

8th Grade – Cheryl Ware and Adrian Rodriguez

12:18 – 1:03 Fifth Period

Suggestion: Planning with 6th grade Language Arts – Shanks (Room 608)

Classroom Visits

1:07 – 1:52 Sixth Period

Suggestion: Band and Orchestra Local Study Class – Casperson and Hernandez (Band Hall)

Planning with 8th grade Science – Lindsey (Room 618)

Planning with 8th grade History – Alfaro (Room 814)

1:56 – 2:41 Seventh Period

Suggestion: SPED Grade Level Team Leader Meeting – Sanger (ARD room)

Classroom Visits

2:45 – 3:30 Eighth Period

Suggestion: Classroom Visits

3:30 – 4:00 Wrap Up Meeting in the Library

Leadership Team Present

Group to Accompany the STW group:

Group 1: Group 2:

Lisa Greco Cheryl Ware

Tyesha Glover Alissa Benoit

Joan McIntosh Crystal Roach

Becky Jackson Carlene Sanger

Gloria Martinez Adrian Rodriguez

Julianne Aguilar

Afternoon Duty Coverage:

6th Grade area and Student Porch – Cecilia Hillman

7th and 8th grade porch –Dan Zock, Cindy Williams

Corner coverage - Caryn Lucas

Show 'em What we do!!!


Thank you all for joining PTA! We now have 100% of our staff that are members!!

Here are a few things that PTA does:

Painless Fundraisers-

  • Box Tops
  • Mooyah
  • Country Burger
  • Raising Cane's
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • Collin Creek Mall
  • Cartridge Recycling

Other Fundraisers done through PTA are the silent auction, the book fair, school supplies sales,

I am sure I missed some however they also feed us at least two or three times a year, they budget money for each grade level and the school as a whole, they give the kids 2 socials, they pay for the student planners, they pay fees that a staff member may need to go to Professional Development, they pay for a table for the Teacher of the Year, they give back to the community by partnering with us to get coats, food and supplies for kids...

Whew! That is not all.....but it sure is alot already! Again thank you all for joining! Your $11.50 is going a long way, and it comes back to you and to our kids....ten-fold...!!

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Report Cards go Home this Friday, November 15th

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Let's Get the Turkey Trot Started!!!

You've been caught! Using AVID/ ReadingStrategies!

AVID Spotlight!!!


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Math Whiz Whitson!!!

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The kids are in for a dose of reality!! This has been happening alot lately!!!

OTHER Activies for this Week!

Bowman Middle School

"Bowman spirit has grown leaps and bounds, but spirit never grows old." (Plano Star-Courier, May 14, 1969)

Bowman Middle School, built in 1968 and first opened as Bowman Junior High, was named for banker George Washington Bowman (1844-1921). A Confederate veteran, and later a farmer, Bowman was one of the organizers of the Plano National Bank in 1887 and served as president of its board until his death. He was also on the Plano city council and PISD school board. (A Century of Excellence: A History of the Plano Independent School District, 1999).


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