Update From Rm 508

What are we up to this week?


On Tuesday we have the Phonix Public Library - Juniper Branch coming to visit us. They will be explaining the importance of a public library, all of the fun things you can experience at a library, as well as helping us register for our very own library cards.

Tuesday is also Constitution Day. We will be learning about the Constitution and what it means to the United States.

What We Are Learning

Reading - This week is a review week. We are reviewing all of the things that we've learned since the beginning of the year (Story Structure, Sequence, Compare & Contrast, and Author's Purpose.)

Writing - We are learning about the Flow Thinking Map. This will help us sequence things when we are writing our narratives.

Math - We are starting our Module on Measurement. We are starting out with time this week.

Science - We start this week by learning how sound travels through air, water, and solids.

Social Studies - We are learning about our Constitution, the Statue of Liberty, and what immigrants went through to travel to America.