Life at North

Dan I, 2014-2015

North Athletics

You can start athletics once you are in the 7th grade. Also athletics carry on to 8th grade if you want to continue athletics. Our athletic sports include football, basketball, cross country, track, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. You can use the weight room. When you are in their, it is important to be safe.


You can bring your phone to class. If you have it out when you're not allowed to, it will be taken up. If the teachers let you use your phone, you have to be focused and not distracted. If you get your phone taken away, you can get it at the end of the period or at the office at the end of the day.


You do fun events for P.E. ,but only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday you run. Some of the events that you do are football, soccer, basketball, volleyball. Also before you do any of the activities, you will stretch.


Detentions are in the morning, afternoon, or during lunch. You can receive a detention for disrupting the class. Another way you can get a detention is if you misbehave. Detentions last 30-45 minutes.

Always Ask Questions

One reason you need to ask questions is so you understand what is going on in the class. Another reason is because it helps you with next year, and better at life skills. Always ask questions.