article of confederation


article of confederation was weak

After England the article of confederation was created. It was the first government in america and also the weakest. The people didn't want it to be like England.

the strengths of the article of confederation

one thing that had made this government strong was that it adopted land of ordinance which allowed people to move out west. it had also got northwest ordinance which allowed other countries to create its own states.

the weaknesses of the article of confederation

this was a weak government so it had alot of thing that wasnt good. one was that it had lacked power to enforce laws , and so it didn't have control of the people. Another was in order to make changes in the article of confederation they would have to have 13 stated in order to vote, so it would be hard for 13 states to vote on the same thing.

north west ordinance

the northwest ordinance was also called the freedom ordinance because it prohibited slavery. it was also the first organized territory of the united states. it was important because it wanted children to be good citizens so it allowed schools to educate students, it also created public schools so for every child.


A negative effect is that. the rebels tried to capture the federal arsenal at Springfield and harassed leading merchants,lawyers, and supporters of the state government and high taxes threatened farmers with loss of their farm. A positive effect is that it was made for the farmers in the area because they suffered from high debt as they tried to start new farmers.