Charles I of England

If you don't like them make an enemy out if them~Charles 1

Charles the first of England

In 1625 Charles the first inherited the throne. He was confident leader and imprisoned his enemy's without trial and took lots of money from his nation. He then had to ask parlement to raise taxes. Before parlement would vote on funds he would have to sign the petition of right. The petition of right prohibited the king from raising taxes without consent of parlement or from imprisoning anyone without a just case. Charles signed the petition but he then got rid of parlement in 1629 and ruled without it for 11 years. Charles created the Right to Petition so that a monarch could not get too much power. He was the first king to be put on trial and executed for treason.

Scottish rebellion

Charles the first tried to impose the Anglican pryer book on Scotland but they revolted. He then had to come crawling back to parlement in 1640 to get money to stop the Scottish rebellion.
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