St Mary's School Donnybrook

2023 Term 1 Week 5

We want our students to graduate as confident, capable and compassionate members of society who lead with their head, their heart and their hands

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Dates to Remember

Friday 3 March: Free Dress Day

Friday 3 March @ 10am: World Day of Prayer in the church for all denominations

Monday 6 March: Labour Day Public Holiday PUPIL FREE DAY

Thursday 9 March: Mini Marvels commence for 2023 9am-10.30am

Friday 10 March: Years 3-6 Swim Carnival

Friday 10 March: P&F Meal Deal (Pizza Buns)

Tuesday 14 March @ 9am (new date): P&F Meeting

Wednesday 22 March 5.30pm-7pm (new date) : RULER Parent Presentation

Saturday 25 March: Year 6 Wood Raffle at IGA (Fundraiser for Camp)

Friday 31 March: PUPIL FREE DAY

Monday 3 April @ 9am-10.30am (new date): BCC visiting Year 4/5 & 6

Wednesday 5 April: P&F Meal Deal 'Hot Cross Buns & Milo'

Thursday 6 April @ 9am: Easter Parade and Raffle

Thursday 6 April @ 2pm: Stations of the Cross (organised by the Year 4/5 class)

Thursday 6 April: last day of Term 1

Friday 7 April: Good Friday

Sunday 9 April: Easter Sunday


Thursday 18 May: Year 3 First Reconciliation

Sunday11 June: Year 4 First Holy Communion

Sunday 15 October Year 6: Confirmation


Winter Carnival (Years 4,5 & 6): Friday 16 June

Faction Cross Country (Years 1-6): Friday 30 June

Interschool Cross Country: Thursday 27 July (tbc)

Peter Sell Cup (Years 4,5 & 6): Friday 25 August (tbc)

Slam Basketball Carnival: Friday 8 September

Faction Athletics Carnival: Wednesday 20 September (jumps and throws) and

Friday 22 September (running and team events)

Interschool Athletics Carnival: Friday 20 October


Friday 31 March

Monday 24 April

Friday 2 June

Friday 24 November


Friday 12 May: Mother's Day Liturgy, Class Activities and Morning Tea

Friday 1 September: Father's Day Breakfast

School Photo Day: Wednesday 25 October

Swimming Lessons: Week 5 and 6 Term 4

A note from the Principal

Dear Parents & Caregivers

There have been many articles in the media recently highlighting teacher burnout, the large number of people leaving the profession and the modern-day external pressures schools currently face. One prestigious school in Perth is even considering cancelling camps because they are unable to manage teacher workloads and accommodate the varying food intolerances and allergy requirements of their students, while other schools are collapsing classes and finding creative ways to ensure their students are safe and continue in their learning. Whilst I do not believe we are at that point, the demands on teachers in terms of compliance, academic accountability, parent engagement and meeting the needs of all students is increasing at an alarming rate and this is impacting the mental health of teachers across Australia. As teachers, our role has always been about educating and caring for students, so we need to navigate these stressors and continue working towards providing the best schooling experience possible for all our students. You can support your teacher by communicating regularly and respectfully with them, by showing an understanding for the increasingly complex requirements of their role and by standing alongside them as you work together in the best interest of your child.

Code of Conduct

All adults (teachers, parents and carers) within Catholic education, are required to abide by Catholic Education’s Code of Conduct. The code is to describe the minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

The code outlines 12 conduct statements which must be adhered to, and if breached, must be reported to the principal. These include:

1. You act safely and competently.

2. You give priority to students’ safety and well-being in all your behaviour and decision making.

3. You act in accordance with the values of the Gospel as defined in the Code of Ethical Conduct.

4. You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community.

5. You respect the dignity, culture, values and beliefs of each member of the school community.

6. You treat personal information about members of the school community as private and confidential.

7. You give impartial, honest and accurate information about the education, safety and well-being of students.

8. You support all members of the school community in making informed decisions about students.

9. You promote and preserve the trust and privilege inherent in your relationship with all members of the school community.

10. You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.

11. You act reflectively and ethically.

12. You allow students to have a voice in their education, safety and well-being.

Swimming Carnival

Next Friday, our students from year 3-6 will be competing in our second annual faction Swimming Carnival. Information has been sent home to parents. If you have not received anything please contact your class teacher.

Mini Marvels

Mini Marvels is our free parent involved 3-year-old program which commences on Thursday 9th March. The program will be offered each Thursday from this date from 9-10:30am, and will be led by Miss Chelsea Moore (our Kindy teacher). For those interested in enrolling in the program, please contact the office on 97324700.


Unfortunately, our RULER parent presentation night has had to be pushed back to Wednesday 22nd March 5:30-7pm. At this presentation we will be discussing RULER as an approach to the teaching of social and emotional learning and how you can use it to create an emotions matter climate in your home. For now, if you would like more information, please visit our website or join our closed parent support group at:


Recently, important information was sent home to parents of Year 3 and 5 students regarding NAPLAN for 2023. NAPLAN is a national assessment that all student across Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 complete each year. NAPLAN assesses students’ ability and growth across Literacy and Numeracy and provides schools with important information that can be both used for strategic whole school decision making and to support the learning of individual students. NAPLAN will occur during weeks 7 and 8 of this term.

Interim Reports

The Term 1 Interim Reports are due to go home on Thursday 24th March. These reports give you information on your child’s school behaviours and social and emotional development, as well as progress across the learning areas. Please contact your child’s class teacher should you require a follow up conversation.


In Week 9 of this term, our school will be participating in a Quality Catholic Education School Review. This review will involve Catholic Education consultants reviewing our processes and practices, and providing information for both the school and myself in goal setting and future focuses.

Year 6 Camp Fundraising

Our Year 6 parents are currently planning some community fundraising opportunities to support our students in heading to camp this year. These include hampers, wood raffles, containers for change and a school disco. More information will come of these initiatives soon. Thank you to Cathy Cavuoto for taking the lead on this one.

Parent and Friends

Our next P&F Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14th March at 9am in the staffroom. It would be great to have many parents there supporting our executive team.

School Website

Our school website is live, updated regularly and able to be accessed at Please look here for all school related parent information.


We are still taking enrolments across all years for 2023. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please ask them to contact 97324700 and I will give them a personal tour.

Andrew Gammon


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Australian Government Mobile Service Centre coming to Donnybrook

Australian Government Mobile Service Centres travel extensively throughout rural and regional Australia. A Mobile Service Centre will be visiting Donnybrook soon.

Staff from Services Australia travel with the Mobile Service Centres and can assist people with Centrelink and Medicare payments and services. Information about Department of Veterans’ Affairs programs and support services for veterans and their families is also available.

Our Mobile Service Centres have disabled access and customer Wi-Fi to assist in creating myGov accounts and accessing online services.

The attached factsheet includes further information about the services available.

Peter Pollock

Peter Pollock - South African Fast Bowler and Evangelist will be guest speaker in Donnybrook on Tuesday 14 March at 7pm in the Hall at All Saints Anglican Church on South West Highway. All welcome.