YC After Three

May Newsletter

Expanding our minds and our numbers!

This month has a lot of fun things coming up, we are doing a dinosaur unit, having our own chess competition as well as taking over YCIS's garden and making it our own!

Last month we did some exciting things; we experimented with plant growth, grew our own polymer slime and jelly shapes, dreamed of treasure islands and created our own messages in a bottle and captured the amount of rainfall with homemade rain gauges. Whew! We were busy!

Looking forward to another fun month at YC After Three, check out our pictures below to see what we were up to.


This is Amanda! Amanda is just finishing up her Freshman year at Linfield to become a nurse. She is on the cheerleading team at Linfield as well as on the resident housing association as the wellness chair. She enjoys a good run on the playground and a good color session. Being a full time student she also loves homework time! We are excited to have her with us on Mondays and Wednesdays while Miss Tiffany, also Amanda's big sister goes to school!