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Great Gatsby when he looses his self control he stops thinking about what he is doing and how it affects the others around him. He ends up killing him self and George Wilson ends up killing himself as well because of what Gatsby has done. Myrtle also dies because of losing her self control and chasing her dream and just not thinking. All of these people where not thinking what would happen because of their actions, they just cared about themselves.

In Inside Job the rich people did not think at all about what would happen because of their actions. They were following their dreams and lost so much self control that they stopped thinking and just didn't care anymore. The rich became so oppressive of the company's wealth that they started to hurt the poor underneath them.

In Greed is Good he states that the people are not thinking about what is happening. He tells the people who want their money back and want to fix their company they need to do something and start thinking and not just sit their and watch everything go by.

In The Oath Steve completely loses his mind chasing his dream and loses all self control and thought. He is not willing to accept reality and he will get to the bottom of what has really happened to Cliff. He loses self control and stops thinking and stops accepting what other people tell him.

In High School Confidential the people stop thinking about what they should be concerned about like school work and more important issues. Teens pursue their dream and loose self control and stop thinking about the more important issues in their lives. They also stop thinking how their actions might affect other people and their own lives. They don't think about the future and how it could affect their futures.