Minimum Working Age

You shouldnt be ¨too young" to get a job!

Why should you be able to get a job at 13?

When you hit the teenage years you get more freedoms! You are a teenager, your getting older and more responsible so you should be able to choose if you want to work or not, no one will make you it is simply your decision, but there would be a few restrictions.

What would a 13 year old possibly do?

When you are this young working you can, deliver news papers, babysit on a regular basis, be an actor, work in homes, and work for parents and or family members. That is more than what you expected, right? Even though its a shorter list a variety of skills you can learn to develop is included to take on other jobs in the future.

What would you get out of this?

When you start working you automatically gain responsibility, and you began to stabilize yourself. And a lot of young teens want more money to do things on their own so its a good way to make minimum wage to help yourself.


By, Alli Baer, Maddie Hicks, Danielle Pelley